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Reviews on Haier Mobiles
Haier Mobile my favorite phone was Samsung but recently as a gift recieved this mobile phone and i was genuinely impressed but was saddend by its short battery life out of the box. screen colors were good but the resolution lacked any kick. the camera was average though.

Wed 22 Jun, 2016
haier mobile phones are really truly very amazing but one thing i dont really like is the fact that it can be a really low quality build up. the specs may be good but the actual build quality of different components is very low grade

Mon 13 Jun, 2016
haier is great as a brand in my opinion but as a smartphone its beyond bad, its worse than the worst.

Wed 08 Jun, 2016
haier is just simply amazing in every possible way.

Sat 04 Jun, 2016
my favorite phone was Samsung but recently as a gift recieved this mobile phone and i was genuinely impressed but was saddend by its short battery life out of the box. screen colors were good but the resolution lacked any kick. the camera was average though.

Wed 01 Jun, 2016
haier mobile phone gives me a superb experience but i dont fidn it at all attractive or its lack of marketing activities give me a headache as to how it will increase sales. i love it absolutely in every way except looks.

Mon 30 May, 2016
haier mobile lacks proper advertisement for its mobile phones. it also doesn't have the proper hardware and software compatibility although it cant be really a bad phone but it cant be a really bad phone if it runs android.

Wed 25 May, 2016
haier is great and really does feel the best in all aspects including camera.

Fri 15 Apr, 2016
haier is becoming a increasingly better brand by the day. its various innovations like a 3d phone, a super powerful phone and a strong brand image is contributing to an increasingly better phone for the future generations.

Sat 09 Apr, 2016
haier feels like a nice phone but i dont really see the need for it to be a smartphone brand. its already doing well as a brand of home appliances.

Fri 08 Apr, 2016
haier mobile nai to waqayi dhoom macha di hai. i think is main wo sab hai jo main ek achy mobile main chahta hun kai ho. is main waqayi camer quality ko bohat upar rakha gaya hai. pata nyi q koi haier phone nayi leta

Fri 01 Apr, 2016
haier mobile is a very nice brand of phones and in a year like 2106 that packs such alot of amazing and really fast paced apps too. i am amazed that haier can be so fastly moving and that it can without any difficulty play the best of the best games.

Fri 25 Mar, 2016
haier is a very provocative brad and certainly it innovates and is a sophisticated brand that really does create. although it isnt a case of re branding i feel haier design are original and remain true to the aesthetic.

Thu 24 Mar, 2016
he haier smartphones are not at all the ones i would prefer buying. although they are made nicely, have good prices but still there spare parts are not available in the market adn in case of damage we are gone for good.

Tue 15 Mar, 2016
haier mobiles is one of the greatest phones but what i am amazed at is the fact that how frazzled the flagship is. the lower class phones works just as good but the place where the real problems start is the top tier phones.

Sat 12 Mar, 2016

Haier Mobiles Price in Pakistan - Haier is new to the Pakistani mobile markets but shown rapid grown in mobile selling across Pakistan. Haier offering the cheap smartphones across the country which and introducing people with cheap technology. Although, at back end, there is a Chinese manufacturer with mid-range mobile quality. Haier has enormous types of mobile models across Pakistan including candy bar phone and smartphone in low mid and high end features. Haier mobile are being sold by number of sellers and dealers in Pakistan in all largest cities and towns, with Haier official warranty and services, the accessories of phones are also easily available across the country.

Haier is an multinational electronic equipment and home appliances manufactures, the headquarters is located at Qingdao, China which was founded in 1984. Today, Haier is serving all over the world with its quality products and services with latest innovations and invention in consumer’s electronic products. It is considered in China’s top brands. Find some popular series in Haier mobile phone beow:

Haier Pursuit:

Haier Pursuit is the top series in the Haier mobile phone models, there are various handset are included in this series with advance features and high performance at very reliable prices. Haier Pursuit G30 and Haier Pursuit G20 are the two models from this series.

Haier W Series:

Haier W Series is the chain of the mid-range smartphone at amazing low cost, perfectly ideal for the Pakistani market. Enjoy all the smartphone features at lower cost with performance in W Series, we have Haier W718, Haier W716, Haier W910, Haier W860 and Haier W919 from the same series.

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