Reviews on Nokia Mobiles
i want nokia 6

samra malik
Sat 03 Nov, 2018
Hello! I need nokia n73 ya n95 contact me 03321201748 Moosa.

Umar Ali Shah
Mon 12 Feb, 2018
Nokia Lumia 720 is availble or not?

Noor Baz khan
Thu 15 Jun, 2017

adnan telar
Fri 07 Apr, 2017
Hello kia ap italia bi bej sakte han .

Amir raja
Mon 27 Feb, 2017
Hello, i wanna place my order new nokia 3310 2017 Mobile phone .. i sawn different mobile websites nokia 3310 2017 price in pakistan just rs 5000 with frree shipping! Thanks

Amir raja
Mon 27 Feb, 2017
how could nokia suddenly drop to such a bad performence.very bad mobile phones now acdays by nokia and i was first a very strong follower of nokia but now i just hate it completely.dont know what happend to them.

Wed 31 Aug, 2016
i cant believe how bad phones they are making. first nokia used to be the top brand but know i think its the last. really what happed to nokia.very bad i think they should improve their mobile quality and specifications.

Thu 25 Aug, 2016
nokia is one of the best and most celebrated mobile brands. with its current models however i doubt it can achieve anything. they are cheap, dont seem like a good deal, come with shitty support and most of all, are not nokia

Mon 04 Jul, 2016
nokia 220 is one of the best and most amazing smartphones. although i absolutely love it in many ways i am very very sad that it isn't what i expected from nokia. the previous nokia phones were so much more than todays trash beein sold.

Sun 03 Jul, 2016
nokia is a very good smartphone in my opinion but it bought this bad time upon itself. although it had what was needed to be the best overall Feature phone it deliberately gave it all up and put in the most shitty software possible that was the s40 plus

Fri 01 Jul, 2016
nokia mobiles is one of the best and most amazing phones. although it can be one of the best and most fast smartphones. although i can be a great and most appreciating customer but still its one of the best

Thu 30 Jun, 2016
nokia mobile phones are one of the best and most superb smartphones. one of my favorite smartphones are something i can never ever be satisfied with. one of my most fav sort of brand is nokia also because its very sturdy.

Tue 28 Jun, 2016
these nokia smartphones are one of those that i seriously admire and like with wholeheartedness.

Mon 27 Jun, 2016
nokia is one of the best and most supreme smartphones. i love it very much. although i cant be a good opinion giver what i can give however is the best sort of amazing. although i can never be a rue lover of nokia i can praise its quality however.

Sun 26 Jun, 2016

Nokia Mobile Prices in Pakistan - Nokia had been top of the list for several years, produced some of the finest quality mobile phones every, Nokia has huge presence all over the globe with more than 120 countries and thousands of outlets and service centers with number of employees. Nokia is also widespread in Pakistan with widest models of its candy bar and smartphone, there are more Nokia service centers located in Pakistan than any other mobile phone brand, also Nokia has abundant of dealers and sellers. Nokia mobiles are known for their durability, quality, performance and customer support, it offers high to low end mobile phones covering all segments of people in society from basic mobile phones to high technological smartphones.

Nokia is among the mobile phone brand which was initially introduced in Pakistan back in 1999. Today, Nokia is the most favorite company in Pakistan when it comes to mobile phones. Nokia is currently available in almost every valuable shopping mall and mobile phone market in all major cities with all its accessories and warranty. Advance mobile, Teletec Pakistan, Mobile Zone Pakistan and Green Tech are the major warranty claimers in Pakistan. Nokia is also available online at several websites and online shopping stores operating in Pakistan along with different online sellers with respective price in Pakistan. The specifications and online support is also be available for Nokia online, including app store called Nokia OVI store which is also fully accessible in Pakistan for buying apps in local currency. The rates across the different Pakistani cities may be dissimilar by demand.

Nokia began its journey by introducing cany bar phones in the market than gradually improved its technology with introducing its first smartphone in 1996, later on the Symbian OS is introduced in Nokia smartphones which became a symbol of Nokia, Symbian OS had several versions. After the successes of Symbian mobile phone Nokia took its smartphone technology and capability 1 step further and introduced windows mobile phones which also get highly popular among windows users. The Windows OS smartphone are high end smartphone with some best features and advance technologies.

Nokia Lumia Series:

Nokia Lumia is one of the best series with Windows operating system smartphones, the phones feature ideal displays, slim and lighter in weight, fast hardware components such as processor, RAM memory and graphics. Nokia Lumia 640, 532, 928, 638, 735 and Nokia Lumia 830 are some of the known models from Nokia Lumia series. Nokia Lumia Price in Pakistan are also featured on

Nokia X Series:

Nokia X series is the first time ever smartphones from Nokia which were introduced with the Android OS, Nokia announced several models under Nokia X names, such as Nokia X, X+, XL, and X2. Nokia X Lumia rates in Pakistan can be caught at with sellers.

Nokia N series:

Nokia N series is at top of the list of Nokia mobile evolutions, N95 and N90 are the most demanded mobile phones from this series, it also get highly demanded in Pakistan due to its quality particular camera.

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