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Reviews on Oppo Mobiles
اوپوواقعی اچھا موبائل ہے اور اس کا کیمرا تو لاجواب ہے اس کا مقابلہ بہت مشکل ہے میں نے جب سے یہ موبائل خریدہ ہے f37اس میں کوئی فالڈ نہیں آیا ہے

noor khan
Tue 18 Jul, 2017
OPPO phon having poor software also difficult use not friendly and aftersale Service not satisfactory weak vision parson could not see and use font size is small and cannot see in Sun shine

Badar khan
Thu 13 Apr, 2017
Assalamu Alaikum

Tue 04 Apr, 2017
No doubt oppo company iz best company. The best thing of these mobiles their camera result is marvelous.

Zahra khan
Wed 17 Aug, 2016
oppo mobiles seriously give the best overall experience and that they can be one of the bestand most durable phones. i love it so much and it can be one of the most amazing phones too

Sun 03 Jul, 2016
oppo smartphones are an amazing smartphone brand. although they are some of the best and provide superb feature sets i am truly saddened by how worse the camera result is in full aspect mode.

Fri 24 Jun, 2016
wow. amazing mobile phones i love it in every way.

Tue 14 Jun, 2016
wow amazing mobile phones really . i love it very much and i think i can be a big fan of its mobile phone named the oppo f1 plus. but it does not have a gyroscope used for VR apps and most games that is what really upsets me.

Mon 13 Jun, 2016
oppo mobiles are my absolute favorite and it can be providing the best value too. for me it can be a very nice and stable companion tough enough to bear a rolling car. yes my oppo has a video that shows it being rolled over by a heavy weight object,.

Sat 11 Jun, 2016
oppo mobiles is one of the best and most best rated mobiles. for myself i selected the oppo mirror 5 and in my opinion its one of the best phones. it seems to be the most amazing in

Wed 08 Jun, 2016
opp mobiles are super amazing but i have complaint that they dont successfully launch mini models of there humongous models like r9 and so on. a flagship should be no more than 5 inches of screen size.

Wed 08 Jun, 2016
oppo mobile is simply amazing in my opinion.

Sat 04 Jun, 2016
superb superb oppo mobile give me best experience.

Thu 02 Jun, 2016
oppo mobile is one of the most amazing and most superb mobile phone brands. just yesterday i saw a video where a oppo smartphone was being crushed by a truck by being rolled over but it actually really just absorbed all the impact

Wed 01 Jun, 2016
oppo mobile phones love me in every possible way and i think it can be only hte best of the best with the sort of perforamcne it tends to give me. i love it in every way. simply on of the best in my opinion and also the best in terms of camera performance.

Mon 30 May, 2016

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