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Dawlance Washing Machine DWF-1500A

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Rs. 28,000

Dawlance Washing Machine DW-9500

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Rs. 20,200

Hitachi Washing Machine SF-80PJ

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Rs. 43,500

Samsung Washing Machine WF702W2BCWQ/SG

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Rs. 60,000
Reviews on Samsung Washing Machines
Samsung should also make energy saving washing machines to cut the electricity bills.

Wed 06 Jan, 2016
Samsung washing machines are new in the technology but great performance.

Sat 02 Jan, 2016
Samsung prices of washing machines are too much, Dawlance is the best alternative in the same quality.

Wed 30 Dec, 2015
Very good

Muhammad Raheel
Mon 28 Dec, 2015
I want to gift a Samsung washing machine to my sister. tell me how to buy

Sun 13 Dec, 2015
I want a Samsung machines that can be operated via smartphone.

Fri 11 Dec, 2015
Women is getting their work easier and easier, and men is having tougher, look at these washing machines by Samsung, they are only made to provide comfort to the women.

Wed 09 Dec, 2015
Samsung washing machines are too high in prices, you may buy the Haier washing washing machines instead.

Sun 06 Dec, 2015
Do you have Samsung wa90f5s2 automatic washing machine ? Kindly also convey main features.

Sat 05 Dec, 2015
The Samsung washing machine should be connected to the smartphone now, and operated by it.

Wed 02 Dec, 2015
Its great to see that now we are transforming everything surrounding us in smart technology, even a washing machines.

Mon 30 Nov, 2015
I saw some of the models in the market of Samsung washing machines, they are really superb, but i found some new models here which are more better from them.

Mon 23 Nov, 2015
Samsung continues to improve the technology in washing machines, it is good sign for future.

Fri 20 Nov, 2015
Samsung smart washing machine is superb, its great to see that technology is making our live better.

Tue 17 Nov, 2015
The smart designs in washing machines are making lives easier.

Fri 13 Nov, 2015
Samsung WA15F7S4UWA/LA Top Load Washing Machine
samsung has the best automatic washing machines. in my opinion there software is one of the most humanized and most optimal in use and features. the washing machine truly does result in a peace of mind

Fri 18 Nov, 2016
Samsung WA-105V5 Fully Automatic Washing Machine
What is the major different between top loader and front loader washing machines. Plz suggest me in purchasr

Mrs. jamil
Wed 16 Nov, 2016
Samsung WA70H4200SW Top Load Washing Machine
Dear Mahrukh Khaldun, SAMSUNG WA70H4200SW TOP LOAD WASHING MACHINE has 7 kg washing capacity.

Shoprex Admin
Thu 14 Jan, 2016

The most advance technologies are used in Samsung Washing machines with the best outmost performance and working capability, these washing machines are made with the finest materials with intelligent electronic panels, it has the technology of washing clothes that gives you wrinkle washing which are later easy to iron, it can wash your clothes much faster than any other brands washing machine does. Here you can get best prices of all of the models available in Samsung washing machines prices is Pakistan.

Samsung offers both front loading and top loading type washing machines with enormous capacity, There are intelligent electronic controls which can easily be understood and operated with wrinkle prevent feature. Samsung also provides tiny display in its washing machines which tell you timer and other status of washing. There is also a child lock for safety and user friendly design that let you enjoy washing you cloths. Have a look on Samsung washing machines prices in Pakistan.

Samsung washing machine is the top most washing machine makers provides diamond drum, air Turbo drying System, Child Lock, Capacity Wide Door, User Friendly LED Display which makes it more easy to wash the clothes, you can save time and energy with rapid ventilation, handle heavy loads without the annoyances, Keep your clothes clean, fresh and looking their best by doing laundry the right way. Samsung’s biggest and fastest front-load wash allows you launder further. Get all prices of Samsung washing machine at

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