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These 7 seater and 5 seater Sofa covers are excellent overall. These literally are a must have for your new or existing sofa's as it can protect from stains and everyday dirt like magic. Its something that prolongs the life of your sofa and couch fabric multifold. They are made in a perfect form and shape such that they easily stretch over your sofa of a standard shape with ease and fit perfectly. THe delivery and packaging was sufficient as well and the product was similar to shown.

Veneeza 64 Karachi
Wed 01 Nov, 2023
This was the perfect sofa accessory. It perfectly fit my sofa and was an amazing cover to protect from dirty hands, dirt stains and other things that could ruin the look of my white sofa and cost thousands in cleaning. I simply bought this and it did the job well. I would however recommend shoprex to also add more materials like cotton and other plush materials so we can also enjoy a more luxurious experience when we require that resembles the fabric of the sofa more.

Dania 64 Lahore
Thu 21 Sep, 2023
Last year i purchased sofa cover 7 seater, I think not last years its two year before before eid, that was amazing and look my old sofa become new i am very happy with that, kindly share some chair covers because my dinning table chair cover now looking very old I want to replace it but my budget will not allow me to replace so i decided to put chair covers on it which is in my budget and pocket allow me to spend on chair covers, i have six chair dinning table

Amir Khan Peshawar
Sun 20 Aug, 2023
SOfa covers are an amazing invention in my opinion. I was pretty impressed and totally amazed with the excellent fitting it offered. On my sofa which is a very typical shape, it offered an almost custom like fitting which made it look so good and at the same time protected it from shoe stains and food stains of my children.

Nadeem64 karachi
Sun 06 Aug, 2023
adore this My sofa 7 seater original maroon colour wasn't what I was looking for. This black is just right. And it looks fantastic with all of my Christmas 2022 decorations. It creases perfectly to the various cushions and stretches extremely well. Definitely suggest. please send me more latest Sofa Covers design with prices update me Thanks shoprex store

sara karachi
Tue 20 Dec, 2022
7 Seater Jersey Sofa Cover Sets (سیون سیٹر جرسی صوفہ سیٹ دستیاب ہے)
7 seater sofa jersey covers are one of the best and most impressive options so far in terms of protective sofa gear. In my opinion it was the best and most fashionably styles options in terms of sofa covers. The benefit of sofa jersey cover is that its a stretchable fabric which easily fits any style, size or shape of sofa and once you start sitting on it, it takes the same shape of the sofa. This prolongs the life of the sofa fabric and sofa size.

Sun 14 Apr, 2024
7 Seater Jersey Sofa Cover Sets (سیون سیٹر جرسی صوفہ سیٹ دستیاب ہے)
THis 7 seat sofa jersey cover is literally proving to be a life saver for my brand new sofas. I was worried that my brand new sofas were going to be ruined this eid without these covers but thankfully they were delivered really quickly before eid. They looked so good and fit so well on my typical shaped sofas That i didn't even bother to remove them on eid and I was able to pass it off successfully as a nifty and simplistic sofa accessory.

Abiha 64
Thu 11 Apr, 2024
5 Seater Jersey Sofa Cover Sets (5 سیٹر جرسی صوفہ سیٹ دستیاب ہے)
i was fed up with my sofas being covered up with dust every other day so i ordered this 5-piece sofa set covers. i received my order in just 2 days and to my surprise they exceeded my expectations in terms of its quality and fitment. its fabric is extremely good and comfortable which have made me fall in love with these covers. the colors of the covers are also really good. the only fear I have is that they should remain the same after being washed also. in this price I think these are the best sofa covers you can get for the expensive sofas you have.

Daniya 64
Sun 24 Mar, 2024

Printed Sofa Covers Design & Price in Pakistan
Printed Sofa Covers Design & Price in Pakistan
Everybody loves to decorate their houses with the best sofas which are not only comfortable but are also stylish and modernistic which add glamour and elegance to your surroundings. At the same time it is important to protect these sofas from dust and other dangerous elements which can harm the life of the sofas. For this specific purpose sofa covers are an integral addition to your household care products. These covers include many categories but the printed sofa covers are the most highly demanded ones. Printed sofa covers are simple covers which are filled with super attractive and eye catching prints which are available in floral and boxy prints as well as many other prints which are all extremely beautiful and well created. The designs of these sofa covers include digitally printed jersey sofa covers which look mesmerizing with the colors it is combined with. These covers are designed with the aim to not only protect your sofas and couches but also add beauty along with the protection which the plain sofa covers are unable to do so. Printed sofa covers are available in a wide range of colors which are all chosen keenly for their respective designs. These sofa covers are available in many different fabrics which include nylon and cotton. With the passing time the sofa covers also have an option which provides you with matching cushion covers to protect the cushion and give them a matching feel along with the rest of sofas when covered. (Online Shopping in Karachi)

Most of the times we are bound to furniture that either has leather, ragzine or other non-breathable materials atop, which make it extremely uncomfortable, greasy and embarrassing to sit on for more than a few minutes. “Climate”! A word you would seldom expect to encounter when shopping for something as unrelated as Sofa covers has alas become a significant influencing factor for this category. The primary reason being our wildly unpredictable, hot and humid climate’s capability to render any of your furniture useless anytime, was your furniture’s material selection subject to the slightest lousiness.

While reupholstering would end up costing as much as a new sofa itself and giving it a professional clean to bring back the old shine costs a kidney, the most value centric decision would be to use a decent and appropriate sofa cover. This simple step retains your furniture’s original shine and provides you better comfort.

We have carefully handpicked fabrics of the most intricate quality that provides a look of bespoke craftsmanship, leaving your furniture with a refreshing new look in mere minutes. On shoprex you will be able to browse through our intricate sofa covers with price, enabling you to compare and save simultaneously on your purchase. For better compatibility with a larger design of sofas and different comfort/look combos at varying price points, we have diversified our range into Jersey Sofa covers and silk Sofa covers.

Jersey Sofa covers:
This is the cover for all ! Combining the unique “stretch to fit” characteristic jersey is known for with a durable nature which looks good and feels breathable, Jersey sofa covers is the best option to get if best of both worlds is your mantra. Once spread, jersey sticks to each and every curve of your couch, giving it a neat and custom look as if it were for your couch only. Precise measurements won’t matter as the jersey will adjust to fit automatically. Comfort is also top notch as Jersey is capable of absorbing 75 % of your body heat body heat and feels very soft to the touch. Offered in a price-tag that won’t offend you and still guarantee a mesmerizing quality, Jersey sofa covers are the best value option currently on sale in Pakistan as they are extremely comfortable without sacrificing looks which makes up for a very pleasing aesthetic.

Silk Sofa covers:
Our silk sofa covers are all about the comfort. Made from the finest silks and tailored with true precision, these covers are meant to be cherished. These work better for a lousy fit and flow all across your sofa (as silk tends to do), hugging it at it the most difficult bends. It provides a lot more comfort than jersey and encapsulates you in its luxurious essence for endless hours. Eliminating all the sweat and discomfort and providing a supreme comfort level all the while keeping your sofa spick and span across the course of its life, silk covers are the laidback comfort you never even knew you wanted.

You can buy all the sofa covers in five seater sofa cover and seven seater sofa cover variants, both made with exquisite care to factor in the measurement variables of both of these form factors. Our simply premium sofa covers transform your sofa to a brand new one without actually spending an arm and a leg all the while retaining its original glory underneath.

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Sofa covers Online in Pakistan have always been an essential part of our lives. From cheap sofas to premium quality expensive sofas people always have a desire to have the finest and best quality sofas in there living rooms as well as in the drawing rooms. But these expensive sofas are. To be dealt with extreme care to avoid any fading away of colors or any damage to the fabric.

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