Mobile Power Banks Price in Pakistan


HDMI Cable 20 Meters

Rs. 3,000
Rs. 1,990

15M Hdmi Plated Cable

Rs. 2,500
Rs. 1,590

10 Meter Hdmi Cable

Rs. 2,000
Rs. 990
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HDMI Cable 20 Meters

Rs. 3,000
Rs. 1,990

15M Hdmi Plated Cable

Rs. 2,500
Rs. 1,590

10 Meter Hdmi Cable

Rs. 2,000
Rs. 990
Reviews on Accessories Power Banks
Power banks seem like an exceptional and well made way for backup power solutions in my opinion. I was pretty glad with the quality and decent specs of the power-bank being delivered right at home.

babbar lahoree
Fri 07 Sep, 2018
The capacity may be low but the fast charging speeds quite suffice for that deficiency. The best part is that it does not seem to keep running on battery full and automatically disconnects.

Mani lahore
Mon 27 Aug, 2018
Power banks in Pakistan were exceptionally amazing in my opinion. I think that it’s particularly interesting, the fact that there is a relatively amazing way to charge your phone on the go is what really impresses me.

babu karachi
Wed 08 Aug, 2018
Power banks are pretty amazing in my opinion. It provides one of the most reasonable experiences in my opinion too. I was so amazed at the way it was one of the best power backups to provide peace of mind too.

Sani lahoer
Mon 30 Jul, 2018
I am really habitual of using powerbanks but where I think they fall short is their short life span. That’s something really disappointing because each time I have to go through 3-5 powerbanks to end up with a good one.

Yasir ahmedl Karachi
Wed 11 Jul, 2018
I was impressed with the way powerbanks charged my phone where ever I was and this is something that I can never let go off now. Best feature is it can even power my wingles without the need for a bulky adapter or wall socket. This is the future.

Safeer lahore
Fri 06 Jul, 2018
Power banks are really special in my opinion. I was happy that it provided power banks at its best in my opinion. Its really providing some of the best quality and charging speed at low prices. Even if it works for a 100 charges, it’s worth it.

saher M bahawalnagar
Mon 11 Jun, 2018
Power banks are quite nice and high quality here. I think build quality is so good that casual drops won’t effect it at all.

Zubaida M Tando allah yar
Mon 04 Jun, 2018
Power banks have always been blessing for my phone due to tis bad battery life. I recommend travelers to keep one power-bank nearby for emergency use.

obaid m rawalpindi
Wed 30 May, 2018
I was advised against buying a power bank other than Samsung but what I realized was that other brands are far more value packed than Samsung. While Samsung power bank may last long, other offer more economical prices for higher varieties with lower charging cycle.

Ifra m islamabad
Tue 29 May, 2018
Power banks here have become very vast in variety. Now the problem is that I am confused as to which power bank I should buy for my lg g6. Please recommend me one that suits the battery specs of my LG g6.

Zara M nathiyagali
Wed 09 May, 2018
Power banks are exceptionally amazing here. I was quite amazed at the way it proved to be a handy partner for all your mobile battery needs. Totally life changing and pretty premium too.

hafsa M sakkhar
Wed 09 May, 2018
I was impressed with the good quality of power banks at decent rates. Although it isn’t exactly something you would wish you had every time, it still works a long way if you are a seasonal user.

Saira M ferozpur
Thu 03 May, 2018
Power banks feel absolutely gorgeous and fine here. I think that it will be safe to say that these are the most value packed genuine power banks with true capacity and also support fast charge. The best companion my phone can have.

mahfooz m bahawalnagar
Thu 03 May, 2018
Power banks are one of the few devices here that are a bit mediocre in terms of capacity, please stock more higher capacity variants.

Zubaida M wehari
Thu 03 May, 2018
Remax Power Bank 10000mah Rpp-255 White
Please do not purchase the New model 20000mah; I assume it contains 2019 model batteries, which have failed after two years of inactivity. The one I purchased on July 11, 2019 charges and drains quite quickly. My new Iphone was only charged 0 to 19 percent, and the juice in the power bank was completely depleted... and the worst thing is that there is no refund, only replacement. If this is the case with every other 2019 model, I'm not sure how many times they'll replace it.

Wed 01 Sep, 2021
Mi Power Bank 2 10000 Mah
I have received my mi power bank. its perfect for my Samsung j7 pro. I was expecting black color and received silver. anyways no issues though its working nice. happy from the purchase.

Sun 20 Jan, 2019
Aspor Power Bank 10000Mah Polymer Air Ultra Thin A383
Power banks are so damn amazing and it would definitely feel like one of the best ways to get access to portable charging without having t part with you kidney.

Thu 02 Aug, 2018

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We also carry the best Mini USB power bank in Pakistan which is in light weight and available in multi colors easy to carry. Compare the different brands you can buy Samsung power banks, amb power banks, Xiaomi power banks, Sony power banks and much more. With the vast level of variety find out 2600mah power bank price in Pakistan with 12000mah power bank price in Pakistan, Q mobile power bank price, or power bank charger price in Pakistan and battery banks for mobiles prices in Pakistan! Find a whole range of reliable power banks in Pakistan. Buy power bank is the great investment to buy the different type of varieties with the latest investment on this.

Power Bank Price List: 50000mAh, 30000mAh, 12000mAh

Find out the best Power Banks price in pakistan at - We have in stock high quality latest Powerbanks in Pakistan which is assembly with premium quality. Wide range of available Powerbanks price in Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore and all the cities of Pakistan you find out at best rates. Generally 10000 mah, 20000 mah Power Banks Price in Pakistan include Karachi, Islamabad, and Lahore at economical rates available at Right now, the most famous source of power is a rechargeable lithium battery available in markets for Smartphones, tablets, Laptops and packs in many gadgets.

There are many models in markets right now with different capacity such as 5000mAh, 8000mAh, 10000mAh, 20000mAh, 30000mAh and much power bank capacity with built in batteries, respectively some changes in sizes and dimensions. So you can hold portable rechargeable device in your hand and it grip best in hands. Powerbank come in different materials such as plastic, metallic and has LED screen for status, USB ports to connect the device with your phone or Micro USB charging the battery itself is rechargeable. If your Smartphone is dead, and no longer power outlet close at you? The situation is common with the Smartphones. The best solution for this is Powerbank fit in your pockets.

In many devices it is worth noticeable that the button is just used for detail purpose to know about the battery status and monitor your device future capabilities. When the charger is connected with the device, it automatically starts supply the power. You can find out all the famous portable batteries on the market. Of course to full charge your phone or laptop the number of full charges depends on the capacity of your device capacity.

So, What is power bank? It serve as an alternative of external charger and majority of available Powerbanks in Pakistan markets are manufacture in China. User can easily charge their device via portable powerbank as they charge with the charger and laptop. To know about how long you required to charge the powerbank you have it depends on the capacity. The larger real battery capacity (mAh) it have need more time to fully charge. But there are different models in markets come with different charging methods via computer USB port and with some original charger you can charge your powerbank faster. However, either you have powerbank with 20000mAh capable to charge your 3000mAh battery 6 times but there is also a formula to calculate best estimate charge time. Formula of calculate charge time is (Real Capacity x Conversion Rate (remaining percentage of the battery) x Phone Battery Health (poor, good, excellent)/phone battery capacity = Avg charge time.

Also there are some additional features on the powerbanks; as you find out some with different LED options and display to denote the status and other options. Some have LED flash, Fans and torch options but required also more time to charge the real capacity of your portable charger. But the best use of these devices is on camping trips, but keep this in your mind that if the built of your device is bulky it so hard to manage with other features.

Get rid from worries of low mobile battery, when charger or power switch is not available near you. It would be century’s most useful and innovative discovery and invention, introducing the power bank, an astonishing device that helps you to keep your smartphone or other devices alive for long time. Anyone who has it would be the worry free human form charging his mobile device again and again, particularly when he or she on journey. added up this amazing device called power bank in its featured selling products, keeping the needs of every Pakistan, this would be the most essential gadget which every citizen has who is living under the b orders where power and electricity is a major problem, not while travelling but at home as well. Now, it is no more difficult to get this master piece with the quality, ease and most reasonable price. These power banks can be yours by just sitting at your home, it will be arrive for you, order these compact design and highly beneficial power banks via with free delivery.

Buy Solar Power Bank Online | Samsung, AMB, Q Mobile & More

Power banks are compact device which can easily be carried anywhere due to the size of pocket, it has ability to store backup power for later charging for smartphones and other gadgets. It also equipped with the batteries with typically high in power, a USB port where charging cable is attached and a charger to charge the power bank. The more port a power bank offers, the more devices can be charged simultaneously. Various power banks do not require a charger adopter to power up, some modern power banks are charged by the solar power as well which is a built in feature of those power banks.

There are several power banks available in Pakistan such as Samsung power banks, TP-Link power banks, Sony, EasyAcc Power Bank, Aibocn Power Bank, Amazon Power Bank, Poweradd power bank, EC Technology power bank, Jackery power bank, Anker power banks and more. Inside power bank there are different built in batteries with diverse power saving capabilities, this determines the power bank capacity to charge more devices and usable duration. All of types of power banks are available at with free shipping opportunity all across Pakistan @ Best Online Shopping Store in Karachi & Lahore.

Since, human got used to of keeping a cell phone, the need of power backups increased, today we have the state of the art smart phone in my hands which the high innovative technology and features, but smartphone manufacture companies are still lacking to make a powerful mobile battery which could give long power backups with less recharge. So far, the largest battery ever embedded in any smart phone has the 5,000-mAh of capacity which gives approximately 17 hours of back up depending on usage, which is also not really impressive.

In order to resolve the issue, scientist came up with the idea of creating a power bank which can save electricity in order to recharge the smartphone device later. It is kind of a bank that save power as reserve which can be used later, the power bank itself gets charged by the conventional mobile phone charger or USB power sources.

Power banks are easy to use and can be charged more quickly than a mobile phone, it may contain several USB and micro USB charging ports which are able to charge multiple devices at a time. The largest power bank capacity to date is 41,600mAh which is enough to charge several devices without recharging it for long time.

There are number of power banks manufactures available in Pakistan with the number of different power bank models, which are classified according to the charging capacity, features, speed and other capabilities such as led light and fans, also there is also a difference in weight and the size of the power bank which effect its cost. is a single platform which is offering the finest branded power banks online in Pakistan with the most reasonable prices. A list of the top power banks can be explored online with sorting of prices, capacity, features, size and the weight.

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