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Xenlex Analog Watch for Women - Brown (CW-100)
I want heavy feeling rugged look watch thick bezel and dark colored dial with gold accents. Please let me know if you have such a watch so I can order.

Wed 01 Jul, 2020
Original Xenlex Analogue Watch - Artificial Leather Strap (CW-101)
The watches here are nicer that the ones I was able to find in sadder. They were way to expensive and had nothing special so I browsed the internet and found these reasonably priced watches that had everything I wanted.

Thu 18 Jun, 2020
Bariho Stylish White Dialer Silver Chain Watch (CW-83)
Watches here are pretty competitive and vibrant. I feel as if it’s really great value with just the best amount of exceptional looks in my opinion. It’s a great variety too as the weight and ruggedness is second to none in the same price.

Fri 05 Jun, 2020

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