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Fri 26 May, 2023

Mastering the art of cross stitch technique the brand weaved its identity as one of the top clothing brands. Cross stitch sale its customers with limitless designs which consist of almost every fabric to help you redesign your wardrobe with the ancient art forms as well as modernistic touches. Cross stitch has evolved itself from a contemporary brand to a modern brand which has inducted all the types of newly demanded fashion trends. To keep its wide audience satisfies and happy cross stitch launches new varieties in the form of extensive collection throughout the year.

Although cross stitch is not a premium fashion brand but it also comes up with its cross stitch sale every year punctually. This year the cross stitch sale 2022 is once again live to make your year wonderful and give you the opportunity to revamp your wardrobe with the most exquisite collections in the market. The cross stitch sale 2022 has many categories all of which include modern and trendy varieties of dresses of all types. The collection includes the exclusive varieties of lawn and chiffon dresses which are surely not a thing to miss out that too at these affordable prices. It is a limited time offer so be ready to grab the best dresses from the cross stitch sale 2022 as it is the best opportunity to flood your wardrobe with colors and simplistic designs.

Cross stitch has always fulfilled every demand of its people when it comes to the ready to wear pret collections. The cross stitch ready to wear collection 2022 has also been launched and it contains some of the most gorgeous prints which are a true representation of year’s long experience of cross stitch. This vast collections contains exciting prints as well as the keenly embroidered varieties as well which are coupled with a beautiful color pallet to enhance its beauty. It is available in chiffon and lawn sale fabric and each of the fabric is flawless and comfortable for you to wear.

Cross stitch print collection is another treat for Pakistanis this year as it is the most modern collections when it comes to its designs and patterns. It lies upon the ancient principles of Pakistani art which are blended in with the modern cuts and patterns and a breathtaking color pallet. The collection has hundreds of designs out of which you can choose from in which all the designs are digitally printed. The designs include a vast range of flowery and scenic designs which look extremely beautiful. The cross stitch print collection 2022 contains one piece and two piece articles to make it easier for you to make a choice.


Pakistani women love to bridal dress them with the best apparel for the special occasions. To facilitate you cross stitch luxury pret collection 2022 has been launched. This collection is full of creativity and elegance which provides you with the opportunity to have the most exotic ready to wear dresses on the go. Cross stich luxury pret Stitched collection 2022 is enriched with extensive embroideries in matching colors which make it even more beautiful. The comfort level of this collection is superb as it is based on the extremely soft chiffon and refined lawn fabric. This mesmerizing collection is also available on the cross stitch online store.

Cross stitch has always been known for their lawn fabric as they use one of the most refined and pure lawn fabrics out there which makes their collection even more admirable. The cross stitch lawn collection 2022 is once again to make your summers cool and classy at the same time as it contains the most gorgeous and pleasing designs which fulfil the modern virtues perfectly. These designs are perfectly executed onto the mesmerizing fabric which makes it one of the most special collection in the market. It contains embroidered and digitally printed articles as well which are perfect to wear in the weather of Pakistan.

Winters are just about to arrive in Pakistan and cross stitch is ready to introduce their cross stitch winter collection 2022 to make your winters warm and colorful with the beautiful designs which are comprehended with a vast color pallet. Their designs depict their perfection in executing the modernism with the ancient Pakistani traditions and cultures. The vast cross stitch  winter collection 2022 contains numerous embroidered varieties as well which are embellished with eye catching embroideries that are delicately crafted on to the chiffon and lawn fabric. The highlight of this collection is that it consists of ready to wear as well as unstitched articles which allow you to create your favorite design according to your own physique and personality.


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