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Volta Battery for Bus (100AH)

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Rs. 13,000

AGS Batterie N 120

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Rs. 6,870
Reviews on Osaka Batteries
Osaka Battery is Third Class batteries I suggest not to Use these Useless Batteries and also Volta battery Both are of Same company 3rd class batteries

Sun 27 Aug, 2017
Sir Osaka kii battery 1250sutable ha 1000waatt homage ka ups ka lyaa ar Atk main iska kyaa rate h ar kindly division officer ka no da djyaa ghaa

Thu 17 Aug, 2017
A.o.A Sir Mujhe osaka battre ki dealer ship chaye kasur mai...My contact numbr 03116592498 03076830614

Muhammad Muzam
Sat 22 Jul, 2017
Osaka battery 200 v how much

Mushtaq Ali
Thu 20 Jul, 2017
most stupid product 65amp battery is totally useless purchased at 14feb 2017 and now today is 05-May-2017 continuously facing same issue battery down since purchased 5times concerned with battery charging shop and finally, he said that kindly claim your battery to an authorized dealer.

Thu 04 May, 2017
What is the price of osaka s100 A+?

Raheel Butt
Tue 04 Apr, 2017
Fazol ki battri ha u.p.s. 6.month woranty data ha replacement ki 3.month 4/month mma rizalt acha nahbi dati.ha.jab dellar ko return karna jao to bajai Return karna ka who.per month ka hisab sa pasa katta ha.jjab ka plates bhe damage nahi hoti ha.jab kharidna jao to dellar kehta ha behtrin battry ha.delar ko commission zayda melta ha.fazol batry ha....

Asif baig
Tue 25 Oct, 2016
i purchase mehran car battry from hameed battery kundian in oct 2015.after four month bettries two cell damaged.i get new battery from hameed batterry kundian distt mianwali.after three month again new battery cell damaged.i contact with hameed battery he asked me that your previous battery is lost to me because company had not replace he recieved from me guarented battery and said contact after three days with me if company replace this one than further process will be managed.this is so said time for company

m shahid
Sun 17 Jul, 2016
we already use Osaka battery that why we need again for ups

Muhammad Suleman
Sat 27 Feb, 2016
Dear Raja, you may contact at Sukkur Office Royal Plaza, Race Course Road, Sukkur, Pakistan Tel: 071-5614814 Fax: 071-5614814 in order to get information about your product.

Shoprex admin
Fri 26 Feb, 2016
Dear Aasim, please contact at 119/A Abbott Road, Near Pakistan T/V Center, Lahore, Pakistan, Tel: 042-6361446, Fax: 042-6312261.

Shoprex admin
Fri 26 Feb, 2016
Osaka Dry battery Lahore May kahan say mill saktj hay please contact your information

Mon 22 Feb, 2016
Osaka battery ki garanty 6 months free he to,aap ke dealer Larkana ka us ki per month charges kyon leta he.

Name. raja
Sun 21 Feb, 2016
Battery for vitz automatic replacement rates

Akhtar ali
Wed 27 Jan, 2016
Price p210s whow many plates

Mon 18 Jan, 2016
Osaka Dry Batterie CR60L
Is 65 l dry battery is fit for honda civic exi 2005 modal.

Manzoor ul Haq Mian
Tue 18 Apr, 2017
Osaka Dry Batterie CR60L
Hi brother Osaka cr60l dry hai aur warranty kitny hai

tahir saleem
Tue 15 Nov, 2016
Osaka Super 4 (4 Ah battery)
Osaka batery motor cycle ki ya complain ha k is ka positive ya negative point toot jata ha is ki kia reason ha

Abdul shakoor
Fri 09 Sep, 2016

Osaka batteries have the uniqueness of, high competence, steady recital, rational price and focus on the benefits of multifunction, high competence, low price. Osaka makes dry charged battery and acid lead batteries. Each battery contains aluminum foil sealed and shrink wrapped, it also features Positive Electrode Material, Electrolyte, Pressure Vent, Ionic Liquid, Current Collector, Separator, Lithium-ion Battery, Nickel Cadmium Battery, Air Cell, Energy Storage System, Nickel Metal Hydride Battery, Lead Acid Battery, NAS Battery and more which are widely used in Pakistan and also exported to other countries due to their qualities. Check out Osaka batteries price in Pakistan on

The Osaka is making all kinds of motorbike batteries which contain 04 Amp to 10 Amp as well as automobiles which are from 32 Amp to 240 Amp. Osaka is the largest local batters manufacturers in the country with producing 32 Amp to 200 Amp batteries and also taking the battery manufacturing technologies to the peek by introducing the solar power batteries. Another sort of batteries which is Osaka is making is VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid Batteries) (AGM) batteries which is from 12 volts 80 Amp to 200 Amp for best alternate energy for Telecommunication and Top Terminals.

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