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Jasco Generater 1900 DC

Coming Soon
Rs. 25,699

Homage HGR 3.00KV-D

Coming Soon
Rs. 47,000

Yamaha EF2600FW 2.3 KVA

Coming Soon
Rs. 69,500

Hyundai Generator HGS3500 (3.0KW)

Coming Soon
Rs. 49,500

Green Power Generator CC5500

Coming Soon
Rs. 79,999

Rochman Generator RC1600ES (1.5KVA)

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Rs. 24,500
Reviews on Homage Generators
I buy homage generator may 2017 ye 3 bar karab hogaya h company me phone krty h to not responding

Sun 20 Aug, 2017
I buy homage generator may 2017 ye 3 bar karab hogaya h company me phone krty h to not responding

Sun 20 Aug, 2017
1 kv genretr installment main kitny ka mily ga or monthly installment kitni hoge or advance kitna dain na pary ga

Thu 09 Jun, 2016
In china made generators, HYUNDAI and EMPOWER generatorz are the Best in all. For 1 home to run full load Hyundai 3500 model and Empower X5 model are recomended generators. 03369735955 Tahir Khan, Bannu.

Tahir Khan
Fri 18 Mar, 2016
Mery pass icecream machine hai 3 handel vali ... 2 ton ka compresser laga hoa hai or 2 horse power ki moter lagi hoi hai .... Koi btaye ga k 6kv vala chala sky ga k nhi ... 03335555451

Tue 02 Feb, 2016
The ups are better and cheap of Homage rather generators, they are also best in quality.

Thu 07 Jan, 2016
Mjy Daraz Sa Mera Order Recive Hoya Ha. Yeah Mera Daraz Ka Order Number Ha 305325922. Mera Genrator Kii nicha Walii Plate Totii Haa... Aur Homage Wala Mera Problem Solve NAe kar Rahaa Hain. Yeah us Admii Kii Email ha Jo Mjy khetaa Ha 1 weak ka Andar Ap ka kam Ho Jaya gaa.. Agr Meri Application Par koi Amal Daramaad Na Hoya To Main Pakistan Court Main DARAZ aur HOMAGE ka Khilaf Application Doon Gaa. Regards WAJAHAT AHMAD

Wajahat Ahmad
Fri 01 Jan, 2016
Most of the people dont know that how much power they need for their home, please provide us details about it.

Thu 17 Dec, 2015
I want to buy a 5 or 6 KVA Homage Generator. 1. Which one be good. 2. What is difference between KVD and KVG. 3. Please provide latest prices of (a) homage-hgr-6-00kv-d-with-ats-mpid31025 (b) homage-generator-6kvg-mpid8614 (c)homage-generator-5kvg-mpid8616 Is home delivery possible or dealer address in Sragodha

Sat 12 Dec, 2015
Assalam u Alaikum, sir homage 3.00 HGR kvD ki kya prize hai market prize btain ?

muhammad haseeb
Thu 25 Jun, 2015
After using two years continuously a homage 2 KVA generator without any problem it starts getting problems now a days, yesterday I got changed th whole sealed of its engine oil because in it some leakage.

Sat 09 May, 2015
I recently purchase HOMAGE GENERATOR 5KVG ATS because in which two separate plug with on or off buttons are the best option for the consumption of electricity if you want to to supply it other home.

Mon 04 May, 2015
Hello, Sir i want to buy homage generator 2.5 kv Please tell me market price??? I cant but new if anyone sell homage generator plese contact with me . Thanks

Shabana khan
Sun 03 May, 2015
I have purchased homage generator 2.5 KV. I want to assemble its wheels, fit gas kit, put engine oil in it. kindly send me pics/video guiding to do all these jobs.

Muhammad Zarif
Mon 06 Apr, 2015
is this generator avail in 3kvg? please reply this comment

Fri 27 Mar, 2015
Homage HGR 3.00KV-D
Plz tell me the generater prize and what is the installment?

saad abdullah
Sat 22 Jul, 2017
Homage HGR 3.00KV-D
I want quit genratar 3kva +automatic sestam on of

Fri 07 Jul, 2017
Homage HGR 6.00KV-D with ATS
It can able to run 1.5 ton AC?

Sun 30 Apr, 2017

Homage is a well famous brand in Pakistan, Homage is manufacturing several types of generators in respect of use and requirement either for company, firm, office and homes. They are equipped with latest technologies such as ATS (Automatic Transfer System) that starts automatically when power goes off. Homage generators are available in 1.5, 2.5, 5 and 6 KVA. It offers several different models with several different features. Homage also provides several offers and packages for their generators with different useful accessories and discount pricing. Some of the key features of Homage generators include Built-in maintenance free battery, Heavy duty wheels and handle for easy mobility, Electric starting system with low noise, large fuel capacity tank and Company fitted gas kit. Get all that models of Homage generators with prices in Pakistan with the generator models introduced in 2017 with all the related sellers at Shoprex.com. Some of the most common features that come with the homage generators are listed below:

Lead Acid Battery:

Homage generators contain the lead acid batteries which are the most powerful battery ever introduced in the any generators so far, it has a long life, low maintenance and more power in order to start and run the generator.

Wheels and Handles:

Homage provide the wheels and the handles with it’s almost all the generator models which are not in compact design and easy to carry. Wheels at the bottom of the generator provide the easy mobility while the handles make it convenient to hold it and move in the right direction without damaging your generator.

Preinstalled Gas Kit:

Homage is one of those brands which are offering the built-in Gas kit for their generators which is especially designed for them, with considering all the technological aspects of the generator and its engines. These in house gas kit protect you generator engine from overload and deficiency of the gas also keep you engine healthy as it is fully compatible for it.

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