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Jasco Generater 1900 DC

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Rs. 25,699

Homage HGR 3.00KV-D

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Rs. 47,000

Yamaha EF2600FW 2.3 KVA

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Rs. 69,500

Hyundai Generator HGS3500 (3.0KW)

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Rs. 49,500

Green Power Generator CC5500

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Rs. 79,999

Rochman Generator RC1600ES (1.5KVA)

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Rs. 24,500
Reviews on Honda Generators
Sir plz suggests for 1.5 ton spilit(one) 04 fan and 08 saver light..

Fri 05 May, 2017
Dear shoprex I need a generator for my requirement is 2 split 1.5 ton and 1 window 1.5 ton, 8 fans, 12, saver bulbs, 1 water pump 1hp, 2 fridge, please send me how do i need kv's generator including gas installation and self auto starting soundless system, Thanks

Thu 27 Apr, 2017
Dear shoprex I need a generator for my requirement is 2 split 1.5 ton and 1 window 1.5 ton, 8 fans, 12, saver bulbs, 1 water pump 1hp, 2 fridge, please send me how do i need kv's generator including gas installation and self auto starting soundless

Thu 27 Apr, 2017
Ap 3.5 kva gen use kare

Sat 22 Apr, 2017
Well u plz let me do u hav sound proof 5KV generator if so whats the price id

Thu 06 Apr, 2017
I have 1.5 splits ac and one fridge and three fan what generator need

Fri 10 Mar, 2017
v.good Honda Genertors

Abdul Rehman Apan
Wed 20 Apr, 2016
6.5 kv price

Tue 23 Feb, 2016
bhai koi 3kv ka honda ka generator kam chalawa ho tu iss no pr zaror bataye 03002199303

Thu 18 Feb, 2016
2500w generator prece

Mon 18 Jan, 2016
If u want your generator for long lives you should only buy HONda generators.

Thu 07 Jan, 2016
honda generators are the best because they have less sound and take less petrol compared to others..even its for the double price form others but is the best quality.

Mon 04 Jan, 2016
generated Honda ep2000 prise 81900 mantly qist for three years

Wed 30 Dec, 2015
Honda is the best choice for generators, there are lots of brand but only Honda has the quality.

Thu 17 Dec, 2015
1 kV 2kv 3 n 5 kv

imran rajput
Mon 14 Dec, 2015
Honda Generator EM6000GN
I have 1.5 ton window 1 fridge 3 pedestle fans and 5 energy saver, so what kind of generator i have need. I am waiting.

Bashir Khan
Thu 27 Apr, 2017
Honda Generator EM6000GN
Dear Muhammad Bin Basim, you may need 5 KVA generator.

Shoprex Admin
Fri 22 Apr, 2016
Honda Generator EM6000GN
dear shoprex I need a generator for 1 split 1.5 ton and 1 window 1.5 ton plus 4 fans 5 saver bulbs. how big generator do I need? I mean KW, thanks. waiting

Muhammad bin qasim
Fri 22 Apr, 2016

Honda generators are at the top of the line there are 18 months of warranty for services and parts. They are durable, clean and multipurpose, in petrol and gas both. They are light weight, long lasting, compact designs and more. These generators are ideal for small houses, offices, construction sites, camps as well as large scales like company, plants and area. Honda generators are equipped with strength to keep you alive anytime everywhere. Any cause you require additional power, Honda has several choice for you according to your need. Providing you the electricity, that glows your home and office. Honda generators can be used for having power in camping, tailgating, RVing, races, traveling cab, parties and other areas as well as at home in case of power break down, which fulfills your whole home power needs. While when it comes to large scale power need, the Honda generators are ideal for high power need in order to run heavy machinery and industrial plants. Find best pricing Honda generators in Pakistan on in 1KVA to 5KVA and more in 2017.

Compact Designs, Light Weight With Handles:

One of the most prominent property of the Honda generators are they are lighter in weight than other brand’s generator, smartly designed with the handles and holding bar which provide easy in moving your generator and taking them one place to another, the generator included up to 2KVA can easy be take up with a single hands, while more than 2KVA contain wheels which help in easy mobility.

USDA-Qualified Spark Arrestor/muffler:

This is one of the best technology and mechanism today which plays a significant role in safety and protection from burn, fire and damage, it prevents the sparks which seldom come from the exhaust.

Runs Up For Several Hours With Large Capacity Gallon Tank:

There are the huge fuel tank facilities are available with the Honda generators which can run up to 24 hours continuously, this is among the lone feature apart from the other generators available in markets today which can be run for that much time duration continuously.

Dual Power Capability with Separate Generators:

There is a great feature that comes only with the Honda generators which allows you to combine the power of two different generators which helps to increase the power if needed. It is done by a kit that includes Parallel Cords which are used to combine the different powers.

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