Samsung LA40D503 40" Multi-System LCD TV

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Samsung LN22C350D1DXZA 22" LCD HDTV

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Reviews on Samsung LCD TV
The combination of Sony's PS4 and the Samsung LCD tv is the best to enjoy gaming.

Thu 07 Jan, 2016
LCD 50eg rs

main ali
Tue 22 Dec, 2015
Samsung LEDs are better then LCDs, the time of LCD race was on, Samsung was not mature enough in the display technologies, but at the time of LED, it had got great achievements, thats why i think they are not better with LCDs.

Nabeel ahmed
Fri 16 Jan, 2015
What every Samsung manufactures becomes popular because of its quality, i bought a Chinese LCD but it wasn't HD like Samsung LCDs are.

Mon 01 Dec, 2014
is there anyway i can get my hands on the discontinued models like i can see here. still i want to see that if there is any outlet selling these units please tell me as i want this TV only as its the best.

Sat 08 Nov, 2014
Why are the products that seem relatively new still discontinued. i remember the samsung lcd shown here. it was launched just a few years back and now its discontinued. strange and hard to believe but anyway, it must be if its written, can u verify ???

umaima razin
Fri 03 Oct, 2014
is ther ea led tv full HD that can play two or more channels at once with split screens, i dont care about volume or something. huh, is there any tv like that. i am prepared to order it from here . will pay sipping charges too if its deliverd too my doorstep.

Tue 30 Sep, 2014
I have just broke my LCD, i was one of the best model in Samsung LCD which is also not listed here, m looking for it please add some more models of Samsung LCD TVs.

Mon 22 Sep, 2014
i want to ask that can this LED be attached with the computer. i am asking this because i can use it with my OC when u want and when i want watch tv i just convert it. i can take two features from one thing at the same price and also it wont occupy much space . i am buying this soon and also a VGA cable as soon as i get replied

kashif masood
Tue 16 Sep, 2014
i am using samsung lcd and its colours are natural other festures are also great in this price range

Thu 29 May, 2014
Why you guys have two different categories of the same LCDs on with two different titles, such as LCD and LCD TV, i thinke both cotains similar products...

Thu 19 Dec, 2013
I suppose to Now samsung is great brand of all over the wold wide in every electronic category like smartphone LCD LED Cameras etc. it is all over world became a reliable with price brand.

Rao Shoaib Iqbal
Tue 03 Dec, 2013
Samsung LA40D503 40" Multi-System LCD TV
I really like its multi-functionality which allows me to have different task to perform at the same time, i can watch movie as well as can use my PC screen, its really friendly, all the fictions you need at the same place..

Muhammad Tahir Ashfaq
Wed 24 Dec, 2014
Thu 19 Dec, 2013
Samsung LN22C350D1DXZA 22" LCD HDTV
Zohaib can u plz some other brand from 19 to 22 inches based on your research.. Thanks

Sun 08 Dec, 2013

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