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Reviews on Changhong Ruba LED TV
59" led price changhong ruba plz price with discount. rply me

Khadim hussain
Mon 09 Apr, 2018
the best quality picture better than others brands.

Mon 29 Feb, 2016
Plz Plz Plz Provide me LED 60D3100 ASAP. Contact me Azam Khan 0336-3000522 0364-4333125

Wed 20 Jan, 2016
comparing with different LED manufacturers, i found that CHANGHONG RUBA LED TVs are average in performance but easy to operate.

Thu 07 Jan, 2016
the color quality is amazing of Chanhong ruba LED TVs there is no doubt.

Wed 30 Dec, 2015
dont buy this wasted thing, not a good, also price in Pakistan are too high.

Sun 13 Dec, 2015
The bes LED is which has the best color combination and display true colors, CHANGHONG RUBA LED has this feature but lack of some other popular features.

Wed 09 Dec, 2015
CHANGHONG should make car LEDs too, it superb

Sun 06 Dec, 2015
CHANGHONG RUBA LED TV is good for the rough use at least we dont have to care about due to low prices, unlike from samsung and sony LED tvs

Mon 30 Nov, 2015
The biggest problem is, even you buy the smart LED, you cannot still use your laptop remotely on it until you have latest laptop.

Mon 23 Nov, 2015
There is a tough competition is seen in the market for the LED TV, in Pakistan there are number of brands are available now. CHANGHONG RUBA LED has significant values in the market.

Mon 09 Nov, 2015
CHANGHONG RUBA LED TVs came with all glance, but it is not really appreciated because of its high price in the market which is already filled with the top brands.

Fri 06 Nov, 2015
Need replacement of Screen of 50 inch recently damaged

Aimal Khan
Fri 30 Oct, 2015
Changhong Ruba is a good quality LED makers, i survey the market for checking their picture quality which is looking brilliant among all at least in these prices.

Thu 16 Jul, 2015

Mon 15 Jun, 2015

Changhong Ruba is one of the leading LED manufacturers across the globe, features Ultra slim LEDs, with innovative designs and new technological features, Changhong Ruba LED TVs are available in various different sizes in pakistan like 50-inch, 55-inch, 60-inch, 24-inch, 32-inch and 42-inch. The most popular LED TV models include Changhong Ruba 50B4500 i Smart 3d LED, Changhong Ruba 55B4500-i Smart 3D LED, Changhong Ruba 60C4000-i Smart 3D PLASMA, Changhong Ruba E24B898 LCD TV, Changhong Ruba E32B898 LCD TV and Changhong Ruba E42B898 LCD TV.

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