CERTEZA Gluco Monitor

Reviews on certeza Glucose Meter
I was in search of a good glucose meter to help monitor my levels and home and avoid excessive visits to the clinic every now and then. Sure it has helped me in what it promised to do but I think quality could be improved just a tad bit, not that it matter too much.

irfana khan
Wed 18 Oct, 2017
the certeza are one of the best in my opinion despite being a bit affordable compared to the competition. I was so amazed at the way it offered ease of accessibility and use.

Khalid khan
Fri 13 Oct, 2017
I have been using this certeza Glucose Meter for 12 months, and my sugar level has maintained very well.

ghaffar M
Fri 13 Oct, 2017
These meter are too small to hold in hands, when i was young there were larger glucose meters available.

mutaqeem m
Wed 11 Oct, 2017
every patient of diabetes should be donated certeza Glucose Meter for free so he/she can easily check on sugar level

ghani M
Tue 10 Oct, 2017
the certeza glucose meters is one of the most reliable glucose meters that avaialbe in a very affordable price. Otherwise options like beurer or bosch tech is too much expensive for the normal person to buy.

Shezad AHmed
Fri 06 Oct, 2017
There are some glucose meters which are slow and difficult to use by the patient but certeza Glucose Meter contains amazing features and usage because of its advance features.

faisal m
Thu 05 Oct, 2017
every time we test with certeza Glucose Meter we need to change strip and lancets, there should be meter which does not require these.

raheel M
Mon 02 Oct, 2017
certeza Glucose Meter is the world famous product i bought it at dubai.

Ghaffor M
Mon 02 Oct, 2017
With certeza Glucose Meter a dugar paitient needs care and attentions also help to use this device.

faisal m
Mon 25 Sep, 2017
I wanna buy it from sawat, i urgently need this certeza gluco meter.

farhan M
Wed 20 Sep, 2017
There is no such machine like certeza Glucose, it it device with so many features for sugar patients.

saleem m
Mon 18 Sep, 2017
I wish no one use these glucose meters because no one should face the diabetic disease, the diabetic killing machine should be invented now.

Tariq M
Thu 14 Sep, 2017
I want to buy these certeza Glucose Meters in bulk and spared it to the poor people,

waqas M
Sun 10 Sep, 2017
I am using since last 6 months and it is a good device for diabetic patient , in reasonable price.

Osaf Rasool Shah
Sat 09 Sep, 2017
CERTEZA Sugar Test Glucose Strips for GL-108
Before buying online i used to think that things at online are more expensive than actual, but it is not true this CERTEZA Sugar Test Glucose Strips for GL-108 is available at same price.

furqan M
Thu 19 Oct, 2017
CERTEZA Sugar Test Glucose Strips for GL-108
I really needed CERTEZA Sugar Test Glucose Strips for GL-108, as it is short in the local markets here, now i am a regular buyer of CERTEZA Sugar Test Glucose Strips for GL-108 at shoprex.com

hammad M
Tue 17 Oct, 2017
Certeza Glucometer GL-110 + Test 60 Strips
Glucose meters have long been provided by certeza Gl 110 and they have kind of perfected the technology of Glucose meters. I have enjoyed using the simple and highly efficient tech provided by certeza’s expertise.

Mon 09 Oct, 2017

CERTEZA blood sugar test machine in Pakistan: - Certeza is one of the popular medical equipment and devices brand in Pakistan as it makes some of the most valuable products which are used in homes, hospitals and clinics across the country. There are number of products that Certeza makes which are durable, better in quality and easier to be used by anyone. CERTEZA Glucose Monitor with strips is some of the most demanded product available in Pakistan which is the best test device to test glucose or sugar level sitting at home. CERTEZA Sugar Test Machine Price in Pakistan 2017 is so reasonable and affordable.

Certeza glucometer strips:

Certeza also offer the high quality glucometer strips for its Certeza Blood Glucose Monitor devices which can easily be used with all of its CERTEZA Glucose Meters, Certeza glucometer strips are reliable and easily used by a common man. One of the most popular blood sugar test machine of 2017 is Certeza Glucose Strips GL-110, which all description is listed at shoprex.com with prices in Pakistan.

How to use Certeza glucometer device:

CERTEZA Gluco Monitor with Strips are designed to be very easy to use for everyone, just take out lancets and strips from box along with device, insert strip into gluco meter and take out blood drop with lancet and place it to the lancet, within seconds gluco meter will you your sugar level. Every time you need to check your glucose level you would need a new strip where lancets might be used multiple times depending on usage.

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