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Reviews on certeza Glucose Meter
I have bought a certeza glucose meter ( the basic model) recently and I am facing a little difficulty in using it. I cant find the manual so please give some link to an online guide or manual

Tue 26 Mar, 2019
Certeza glucose meters give a really nice feel overall. I feel as if there are few glucose kits that can really compete overall with others.

Tue 29 Jan, 2019
Certeza glucose meters have really hopw=ed there game in my opinion. I was so relaxed to finally find a product that was as reliable as it was affordable and did not come with any mental baggage attached to it.

Thu 03 Jan, 2019
Great overall variety with a decent and well managed way to browse and enjoy overall winter collections. I was happy with the decent yet amazing over all way it was managing to be upfront.

saleem khan
Thu 13 Dec, 2018
CErteza has really become one of the best and most impressive collection of glucose meters. Despite a cost that may be higher, we get a product that is safe, tested and far more developed than the competition and is widely accepted in clinics.

Tue 04 Dec, 2018
Certeza glucose meters are the absolute best and feel quite great. IT focuses on competing with accucheck and does a brilliant job while its at it in my opinion.

Wed 31 Oct, 2018
Certeza has always felt like the most reasonable and decent brand of glucose meters in a long while and I would definitely recommend buying Certeza primarily due to its advantage of fast results.

Yousuf khan
Tue 16 Oct, 2018
Based on pure looks I must comment that certeza looks like an exceptionally well built option in the sea of options available today. However what I don’t really like or enjoy is the fact that certeza strips are a bit hard to find

Thu 13 Sep, 2018
Certeza has always proved to be a very nice and relatively well managed product, however I was not all impressed when I saw that its results were a bit inconsistent with the ones that were offered from accu check and glucofit.

Mon 27 Aug, 2018
Glucose meters are pretty nice and reasonable in my opinion. It provides a decent mix of affordability and aftersales that I am sure is something not offered widely. For me it is quite a decent one.

Wed 08 Aug, 2018
CErteza is a pretty neat and clean way to enjoy a glucose meter without having to pay through the nose for it. I think that it manages itself pretty well in all aspects and feels beyond amazing when it comes to value for money.

Tue 17 Jul, 2018
I have seen many glucose meters here and there but the one I have seen to be the most reliable in the budget category is certeza. I have always been recommended accu check but certeza provides same results at lower price.

Wed 13 Jun, 2018
Certeza has always been the most comfortable device when it comes to prapring your kit. Its affordable and is supported by everyone. Its parts and bags are easily available at major retailers too. You can seldom go wrong with certeza.

Iman M
Mon 04 Jun, 2018
Certeza has always kept price as its primary selling point and focused more on price than other factors, yet I have never seen a quality constraint acting on any of certeza’s various devices and this is enough to be sold

obaida m
Wed 30 May, 2018
Certeza was a really nice meter that provided me a reasonable and exceptional experience regarding overall any aspect you can thing of. What I thought was better though was greater value for money compared to certeza.

Zubaida M
Tue 29 May, 2018
Certeza Glucometer GL-110 + Test 60 Strips
Glucose meter is doing wonders no doubt. I think managing to get it in malir within few days is exceptional as otherwise I would have to go all the way to a good shop like times medicos. Please also offer strips and memory bars of it separately.

Thu 04 Apr, 2019
CERTEZA Blood Glucose 50 Test Strips
Certeza was a really nice and amazing glucose meter with accurate results which are quite comparable in MY VIEW to the accu check devices. A mostly awesome glucose meter.

Wed 27 Mar, 2019
Certeza Glucometer GL-110 + Test 60 Strips
The glucose meter was really amazing and it was looking to be one of the best options for me according to my requirements. However I Wasn’t really impressed with its packaging it think.

Thu 07 Feb, 2019

CERTEZA blood sugar test machine in Pakistan: - Certeza is one of the popular medical equipment and devices brand in Pakistan as it makes some of the most valuable products which are used in homes, hospitals and clinics across the country. There are number of products that Certeza makes which are durable, better in quality and easier to be used by anyone. CERTEZA Glucose Monitor with strips is some of the most demanded product available in Pakistan which is the best test device to test glucose or sugar level sitting at home. CERTEZA Sugar Test Machine Price in Pakistan 2018 is so reasonable and affordable.

Certeza glucometer strips:

Certeza also offer the high quality glucometer strips for its Certeza Blood Glucose Monitor devices which can easily be used with all of its CERTEZA Glucose Meters, Certeza glucometer strips are reliable and easily used by a common man. One of the most popular blood sugar test machine of 2018 is Certeza Glucose Strips GL-110, which all description is listed at shoprex.com with best prices at Online Shopping in Pakistan.

How to use Certeza glucometer device:

CERTEZA Gluco Monitor with Strips are designed to be very easy to use for everyone, just take out lancets and strips from box along with device, insert strip into gluco meter and take out blood drop with lancet and place it to the lancet, within seconds gluco meter will you your sugar level. Every time you need to check your glucose level you would need a new strip where lancets might be used multiple times depending on usage.

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