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Reviews on On Call Glucose Meter
I want to donate some of Glucose Meter to the needy people around who cannot afford these meters to check their sugar levels at home, i would buy 10 initially On Call Glucose Meters and later on increase these numbers.

Sajid M
Thu 03 Aug, 2017
How we can neglect a thing which can save our and people surrounding us, i think everybody should has this life saving device at home who is suffering from diabetes.

Hammad M
Fri 28 Jul, 2017
I want to buy these on call glucose meters so i can distribute them free to all the people around who are suffering from diabetes and cannot afford this machine to keep up with their sugar levels.

Sajid M
Thu 27 Jul, 2017
Its hard to decide what to choose and what to leave when i see all these meters, there are so many gluco meters available in the market with lots of types and models, i just buy asking from my neighbors

Chandan M
Tue 25 Jul, 2017
It has been an amazing sugar level checker of all time, we live in joint family and all member of family use same On Call Glucose Meter which has diabetes.

shakir M
Wed 19 Jul, 2017
All gluco meters perform the same but there is big difference of quality and features also the timing of reading, i found On Call Glucose Meters much better than others, available in the market.

Khaliq m
Fri 14 Jul, 2017
There is no other other sugar level monitor which can compete with this one in terms of features and performance, it has all latest capabilities of check sugar level in blood.

Ghaffor M
Mon 10 Jul, 2017
On Call Glucose Meter's size is so perfect, which let me take it anywhere with me, i can take readings of my sugar levels any where i want, at work or home, it is really great.

tabish M
Fri 07 Jul, 2017
It is only available at the big medical stores in Pakistan, so from now anyone can order it online without finding a big store nearby, it will be right at your door next day.

tahir m
Wed 05 Jul, 2017
a good health care gadget for medicare; can perform my glucose level test accurately and just in very few seconds results can be seen

Tue 04 Jul, 2017
It is better to keep the extra strips of glucose meters, since the they are online available now i can buy and keep them in stock before ending because i live in the area where these medical products are not easily available specially On Call.

talha m
Fri 30 Jun, 2017
There is no other brand of On Call Glucose which is state of the art and recognized intentionally with some best features and performance, that is why everyone just uses On Call Glucose Meters all across the world.

yasir m
Thu 29 Jun, 2017
I have bought the entire stock of On call Glucose meter strips for using at eid days when all the medical stores and shops are closed, so i can check sugar level in eid holidays as well.

Ghaffor M
Fri 23 Jun, 2017
I think it is the smallest glucose meter among all the other brands which are being sold across Pakistani markets, because of its light weight and small size it is easy to carry it anywhere without a problem,

talha m
Wed 21 Jun, 2017
On Call uses good material, technology and features to make these sugar level meters, which are more convenient to use and operate than any other glucose monitor in Pakistan.

Khalid M
Tue 20 Jun, 2017
On Call EZ II Blood Glucose Meter + 10 Test Strips
I was happy that glucose monitoring is so easy now with the introduction of this affordable yet fully functional glucose monitor gives me the utility and luxury of health care at home.

Sameen khan
Mon 17 Jul, 2017
On Call EZ II Blood Glucose Meter + 10 Test Strips
Some times i cannot go out to buy strips or lancets for my On Call EZ II Blood Glucose Meter thanks to shoprex.com that now i can get them online

hafeez m
Wed 24 May, 2017
On Call EZ II Blood Glucose Meter + 10 Test Strips
Why we always need blood to check the sugar levels, there should be a device which can check blood sugar level without taking out my blood.

uzair M
Tue 23 May, 2017

On Call Glucometer Price in Pakistan - Buy premium quality on call glucometers at shopre.com with all latest models of 2017, shop for the best performing on call blood glucose meters with all its accessories online, at best price in Pakistan 2017. On call is international medical device’s manufacturing company for home and professional uses. It has made some of the best quality medical equipment. There is a wide range of models and types available with best technology and mechanism available in On call devices.

Pakistan is also demanding and huge market for On call products and their prices online, due to glucose meters from On call are considered to be the most reliable across Pakistan and widely used at home. Some of the popular models include on call plus glucometer, on call ez blood glucose meter and on call ez ii Gluco Monitor which are the best performing modern glucose checkers available across Pakistan. Both on call plus glucometer price and on call ez ii Gluco Monitor price in Pakistan 2017 are available at Shoprex.com’s E-store.

On Call glucometer features:

On Call glucometer is designed to fit in your pocket, it is light in weight so you can easily carry it and perform blood glucose check anywhere everywhere. It runs on batteries which are long lasting for several days or months. They are easier to use, quick and better to understand, On Call glucometer manual let you know each feature and other relevant details regarding your device.

What is in the box of On Call blood glucose device?:

Shoprex.com offers you complete accessories that come with On Call blood glucose monitors which may include sugar monitor device itself, free strips and free lancets for initial uses, which may also be bought later separately on Shoprex.com, a complete guide or manual which contains how to use and operate, quick start guides to prepare machine on first usage, a warranty card and a durable carrying box which lets you transport it anywhere you want safely.

On Call Glucometer Capabilities:

On call glucose meters are accurate and dependable, also safe and convenient to use, they can major results with a tiny drop of blood within 10 seconds with a sample size of 1ul, Hematocrit Range of 30-55%, Operating Temp Range 5 – 45 of ℃, Operating Humidity Range of 20 – 90%, Glucose Test Range 1.1 – 33.3 mmol/L (20 – 600 mg/dL) and up to Memory Storage of 300 results with date and time. You may use it before and after dining with 7, 14 or 30 reading a day.

How to use On Call Blood Test Device:

With the ease of use, you do not need to go the clinic or need any professional to perform your test. Just put batteries in the device, turn it on, take out lancets and take blood sample from your finger, place your blood sample on strip after inserting it to the blood glucose monitor device, and press button in no time it would display your sugar level in blood with accuracy. Order now this useful device from all across Pakistan.

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