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Both he Kamal ka perfume haaa

Atif Ali
Wed 08 Jan, 2020
Ajmal is an incredibly impressive perfume brand and it provided a supreme quality in terms of overall looks and quality too. It was great in terms of value for money aspects.

Sun 09 Jun, 2019
Ajmal perfumes were pretty intense I must say. It provided a great and awesome mix of value pricing and superb and exceptional quality. It was better than most too. Reasonable in the best of aspects/

Fri 07 Jun, 2019
I have never had the chance of using ajmal but recently I was given a gift of it and I can easily say that it really does provide a nifty little product for a very competitive price that other just don’t give.

Tue 28 May, 2019
Ajmal has always felt like it needed some improvement here and there as a perfume. For me its fading tones of all perfumes were too fresh when in fact they needed a hint of low tones.

Tue 26 Mar, 2019
Ajmal is a good brand. I have been using it since the start of 2018 and its felt good. I suggest a few improvements in the fading tone but otherwise its bang on.

Thu 03 Jan, 2019
Ajmal perfumes were truly an expert way to deal with overall daily obligations. I think the best way to enjoy an overall good perfume is with ajmal in its mid to high range perfumes.

Thu 03 Jan, 2019
AJmal perfumes here are exceptionally well built and feel like one of the best in terms of overall looks. I was pretty impressed with the way it was managing to uphold against everyday odors.

saleem khan
Thu 13 Dec, 2018
AJmal lawn collections are the best when it comes to beauty and quality. For these two aspects I can bear to pay the price and I think that its quite nice when it comes to any and all aspects.

Tue 04 Dec, 2018
We should definitely promote and endorse our own local brands to flourish our domestic industry and produce even more brands and at the end of the day.

Wed 31 Oct, 2018
Ajmal perfumes have only recently emerged but I do think that even thought hits new, it’s relatively amazing in my opinion. I was so impressed with its overall quality too.

Tue 16 Oct, 2018
Really great brand, I initially received ajmal as a gift and when I used it I was so impressed with the overall quality of scent that I immediately incorporated it in my daily use.

Thu 13 Sep, 2018
Ajmal is one of the better brand of perfumes lately. Although I was surprised that the price was so above mid ranged perfumes already available. The quality was good enough o justify the premium.

Thu 24 May, 2018
Ajmal was really one of the most amazing perfumes I ever really used. Despite it being a bit overpriced, you really do get what you pay for and I’m definitely a returning customer now.

obaida m
Wed 09 May, 2018
Ajmal tends to be a great new addition but I think that it really lacks the wow factor that other more expensive perfumes seem to pack in the form of brand image.

Wed 18 Apr, 2018
Ajmal Blu EDP Original, 90 mL
Perfumes were great and had a vast and really amazing variety. I would encourage perfume selection option or perfume trials though.

Mon 07 Mar, 2022
Neutron Perfume By Ajmal 100ML For Men
The selection here is pretty damn astounding in my opinion. I was so impressed with its super large collections and affordable prices with easy availability.

Fri 28 Jan, 2022
Sun 13 Oct, 2019

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