Garden Hosepipe (100 Feet)

Rs. 2,400
Rs. 1,290
Reviews on XHOSE Accessories
Garden Hosepipe (100 Feet)
i just bought the same thing for 1500 and now i am very dissapointed that i was here getting it from large profit.

Wed 12 Oct, 2016
Garden Hosepipe (100 Feet)
i was really satisfied when i saw the reviews and i now have a beleif that you people listen to our public views.you people aded one more color which is a very good color green so i think its a very helpful thing for everyone .

Thu 06 Oct, 2016
Garden Hosepipe (100 Feet)
its nice and easy but you cannot make it more longer or attach any of other pipe in it, this is the matter of fact.

Wed 05 Oct, 2016

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