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Reviews on XPOD Tablets
xpod tabs are the worst.

Tue 15 Mar, 2016
very boring and not good stuff by x pod. i have tried 1 tab it is good but not that much...

Sun 14 Feb, 2016
xpod is a very nice brand but if i can get it than i will prefer the better of the latter. please let me know how to grasp a xpod.

Wed 10 Feb, 2016
how much price do i pay for the quad core 16gb verisons of xpod tablet arc8. it would be good i i knew about the other tablets but honestly i have never used xpod and would like to know if it performs fine.

Mon 01 Feb, 2016
xpod arc series are still best

Sat 16 Jan, 2016
quad core and also octa core tablets ? please tell me. i want octa core tablet by the cpod company

Fri 15 Jan, 2016
ek dum zabardast tablets hai xpod kai, superb quality aur gaming main bhi lag nyi karta

Wed 30 Dec, 2015
xpod makes amazing tablets but earphones are of the worst quality ever i think they should stop making headsets since they suck at what they are supposed to do.

Tue 29 Dec, 2015
any of xpod gsm tablet offers worse call quality. it just advertises it self as a tab plus phone actually its just a tablet and if anybody is considering it as a calling tab than please dont as reception, quality and all is beyond poor

Fri 18 Dec, 2015
xpod is a bad brand of tablets and i think it is not suitable to operate in pakistan

Tue 08 Dec, 2015
hello. i want to relate to a incident with the xpod tablet. i was using it in naran and about to click a picture on a glacier selfie picture was the most ridiculous since the tab dropped at the exact moment i clicked the pic and it captured the exact moment of our horrified faces

Sat 05 Dec, 2015
good and well balanced tab company

Thu 03 Dec, 2015
xpod arc quad core worst brand of tablets. no resale value and no good design or speed. nothing in this tablet is worth the money we are paying for it. i think they should greatly improve on quality and if they need to increase prices than be it

Mon 30 Nov, 2015
not a good bradn of tablets at all.

Sun 29 Nov, 2015
xpod arc is a really great gig i got going. its the tab i take with myself to everywhere and i am surprised to see how tough it is. not to mention how fast it works in all condition specially multitasking. wonderful tab cheaply available,

Sat 28 Nov, 2015

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