Reviews on Baisheng Mens Watches
Baisheng Waterproof Men's Wrist Watch (CW-45)
it is a beautiful watch with so much features and diversity in look, contains different color and the metal body wit chained straps which is perfect in any analog men's watch.

hafeez m
Sun 11 Feb, 2018
Baisheng Waterproof Men's Wrist Watch (CW-45)
Gents watches were very nice and it was quite nice in terms of the overall looks. Price was s o low that I certainly couldn’t comment a bit on the quality neither on any blemishes if any. Its totally justified for the price I guess.

Tabish M
Thu 25 Jan, 2018
Men's Wrist Watch (CW-06)
the Mens watches 2017 are one for the best here at shoprex mostly because they are very cheap and secondly because feel that they pack a class and exude elegance unlike any other.

klhalid khan
Fri 17 Mar, 2017

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