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Reviews on Casio Womens Watches
Actually my wife like some unique articles in any thing which she wear that’s why I choose Casio Ladies Watch(CSO-L017) which look is just like a men watch but look at the strap of this watch, its like a bracelet.

Sat 25 Jul, 2015
I purchase Casio Ladies Watch(CSO-L010) to my sister because this watch is very decent and the brand is such a reliable, it can also give a long cell duration. My watch is also running approximatey an year.

Tue 23 Jun, 2015
For ladies this Casio Ladies Watches(CSO-L020) is the most latest design which looking like a gents watch that is the thing which I attract in the look, it gives a decent style when I wear it.

Sat 20 Jun, 2015
awesome wathc i wan to buy this Casio Ladies Watch (CSO-L012).. please give me discount price of this watch??

Sun 14 Jun, 2015
This Casio Ladies Watch (CSO--011) is the watch which I choose to buy it but I just want to know that is it working with solar energy or battery? Actually I don’t like battery watches because it work just a month.

Sat 06 Jun, 2015
In this I am looking a new designs of the watches to wear in my wrist, I like the braselett design which is also match my dress color in the brand of casio, casio is also a popular brand in watches.

Sat 30 May, 2015

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