Lawn Pulkari Heavy Embroidery Dress 2 Pec (LN-13)

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Rs. 2,190

Lawn Pulkari Heavy Embroidery Dress 2 Pec (LN-13)

Product Highlights:

- Unstitched Only (Shirt + Trouser)
- Neck heavy Embroidery patch
- Front shirt Embroidery
- Sleeve fully Embroidery
- Trouser Embroidery 28/30”



:ضروری ہدایات

 کسی قسم کی بلیچ یا پھر داغ صاف کرنے والے کیمیکلز کا استعمال ہرگز نہ کریں -
رنگین کپڑوں اور صرف سفید رنگ کے حامل کپڑوں کو کبھی بھی ایک ساتھ نہ دھوئیں -
کپڑے استری کرتے وقت استری کو کپڑے سے مطابقت رکھنے والے ہی درجہ حرارت پر رکھیں -

پروڈکٹ کوالٹی:
اس بات کا اطمینان رکھیے کہ شاپ ریکس پر آفر کیے جانے والے تمام ڈریس کوالٹی کے اعتبار سے معیاری اور پائیداری کی ضمانت کے ساتھ سیل کے لیے پیش کیے جاتے ہیں- آپ کسی بھی وقت 7 یوم کے اندر اپنے خریدے گئے ڈریس کو تبدیل یا واپس کرسکتے ہیں-


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Reviews & Comments
I adore the way you describe the fabric and needlework! Now, I view clothing differently! And I admired the way you used your previous video to test the leggings. In the end, I bought the Crz leggings!

samia lahore
Wed 20 Jul, 2022
July 2020 Lawn collections are a really impressive and decent way to design your summer 2020 wardrobe. For eid 2020 I immediately got this yellow and red themes variety and best of all it was delivered within 2 days and refreshed my whole wardrobe in just under 10000.

haroom lahore
Wed 01 Jul, 2020
Nishat’s fabric is really nice. I bought it for the first time and it was astonishingly crisp, light and yet felt like it was premium enough to last a good few years with medium usage.

Asad Lahore
Tue 17 Mar, 2020
WInter collection here was a pretty damn amazing and exceptional way to enjoy the winters in all its glory. I think that it manages to give a great experience overall. No competition there I think.

Sahil Multan
Thu 01 Aug, 2019
Winter collection here are a great and remarkable feeling to buy and wear. Its an overall impressive collection too in my opnion.

Saim Multan
Tue 30 Jul, 2019
Winter collections here are pretty nice and give one of the most sufficient experiences so far .I was happy that it resonated well with logical pricing and whenever I thought of a good budget shopping experience, shoprex was the name that came to mind.

iffat Rawalpindi
Fri 05 Jul, 2019
Winter collections here are so impressive in my opinion and it feels like it really could blend in with the winter aesthetic on the whole. It makes me feel really really comfy and cozy.

Talha Lahore
Mon 24 Jun, 2019
Winter collections here are so impressive in my opinion and it feels like it really could blend in with the winter aesthetic on the whole. It makes me feel really really comfy and cozy.

Mawra karachi
Mon 24 Jun, 2019
Winter collection was a remarkable addition to the overall looks in the winters that have just gone. I made my entire wardrobe for homewear using shoprex and it was not only affordable but also comfortable

Ammad karachi
Thu 20 Jun, 2019
Winter collections here are pretty awesome in all old and new aspects. I was happy that it provided a pretty rock solid experience in terms of overall comfort it was up to par with the best brands.

Javeria karachi
Tue 18 Jun, 2019
The winter collections her are one of the best and most remarkable ways to enjoy any of the winters in any of the cities without a single hitch. I was beyond impressed with this impressive sprunk of colors and quality.

Sana Hyderabad
Fri 14 Jun, 2019
Winter collections here are superb and pretty awesome in all aspects. It provide sheer comfort by simply providing simple fabrics that suit the price and don’t feel like overkill and are understandably within the price range.

Mannam Hyderabad
Wed 12 Jun, 2019
Pretty soft fabric and comfort. I doubt any brand would be able to give a competing collection in the way shoprex does without any special marketing. Its remarkable how big of a brand shoprex has become but still feels like

Aima Multan
Tue 11 Jun, 2019
This winter collection is pretty damn amazing in my opinion. I was happy with the way it had managed to give such a reasonable and good experience on the whole

Aiman karachi
Mon 10 Jun, 2019
Very nice dress💕

Sadiya Lahore
Fri 17 May, 2019
Please upload orange color of pulkari shalwar

Gul zahra Muzaffar garh
Sun 28 Apr, 2019
winter collection was a very fancy collection that had managed to bring a very good and respectable product to the masses at a very reasonable quality. It really made my day in my opinion.

Vicky karachi
Tue 23 Apr, 2019
Khaadi was one of the best ways to actually enjoy overall collections especially in winters. I was pretty amazed with tis overall looks and value it offered.

samina lahore
Thu 08 Nov, 2018
Pakistani Linen collection 2018 here are pretty neat and tidy. I think it’s a great option for those people who want to respect their budget constraint and still get a respectable and worthy product.

Najeeb khan pindi
Mon 08 Oct, 2018


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