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Denim Ring Neck Shirt for Women

Rs. 1,600
Rs. 1,250

Star Classic Lawn Suit (SC-94)

Rs. 1,800
Rs. 1,350
Reviews on Rex Lawn
Rex designs are perfect to wear in any season, there is no particular season needed to wear these dresses at all. i have been waiting for some more designs, please add it.

Thu 23 Jun, 2016
please upload more designs. i am genuinely waiting.

Thu 02 Jun, 2016
rex alwn collections are mighty good i will tell you that. they have got kick to them with some of the best designs avaialbe right now. you can go explore the market, tire yourself, get stressed up or you can simply visit for a truly calm experience.

Thu 26 May, 2016
best designer kurtis online.

Wed 18 May, 2016
designer embroidered lawn is really very amazing on shoprex i love how amazingly they make the best colors and designs all into one amazing single piece.

Wed 11 May, 2016
rex lawn collection feels so amazing and also it has the best designs too. my only complaint is that it doesnt seem to have enough designs. i have both these designs of rex lawn but i want rex to launch more of it since i find it attractive.

Tue 10 May, 2016
rex lawn collection feels the best undoubtedly even if the price seems a little high. the way i see it is that even if they charge a tad bit extra for an amazing quality product i am more than happy to pay it to them. after who is givign the same thing in the same price right now in 2016 lawn collection

Mon 09 May, 2016
these desginer kurtis are so gorgeous. are these single single kurti pieces or are complete 3 piece suits ? it will be such a blessing if you told me this. i am happy for the way it has been made available to us.

Sat 07 May, 2016
rex lawn is the best in many aspects considering how well it survives the weirdest moments. it can washed along with other clothes, it doesn't get spoilt by the colors and moreover it can be vastly amazing in its own self

Wed 04 May, 2016
rex's lawn collection is the true beauty of 2016.

Tue 03 May, 2016
rex lawn collection s are something thast can be proudly admired. i have recently bought its dress and i went to a party with rex lawn as my attire and not one person was left who didn't ask where i got my dress from. i was immensely proud of how i looked.

Sat 30 Apr, 2016
rex lawn really brings out the potential pakistani e commerce has for marketing a good variety of lawn. i absolutely adore rex lawn and in a in season like 2016 it provides the best sort of quality and looks at a decent price.

Thu 28 Apr, 2016
the lawn collections are absolutely popping out with quality. i had ordered this suit a while before and upon delivery i was impressed since online you dont get this much good quality of lawn collection. shoprex knows how to make a good product even better

Wed 27 Apr, 2016
designer embroidered lawn suits are truly a one of a kind suit but what i think is lacking in it is some quality maybe. but comparing such a low priced suit with a high priced one is really awkward and impractical so i am happy with what i get after all.

Mon 25 Apr, 2016
Designer Lawn Embroidery Suit Blue 2017
I have recently bought a lawn dress and I was quite impressed with how it actually felt in real life terms. I was amazed with it and I think that it will be quite a nice and certainly complete offering in an attractive budget segment.

Thu 23 Mar, 2017
Designer Embroidered Lawn Suit Unstitched (DE-01)
Dear Shabbir, this dress is currently out of stock, you may buy it as soon as it is in our stock again.

Shoprex Support
Mon 27 Feb, 2017
Designer Embroidered Lawn Suit Unstitched (DE-01)
I need it. How can i buy this suit?

Mon 20 Feb, 2017

Rex is’s officially owned brand name offering variety of lawn dresses, however there is no compromise on the quality of these lawn dresses as they are carefully examine and checked before showcasing to sell. Rex Lawn dresses are offered in reasonable price with free shipping under cash on delivery method. Buy two or three piece suits unstitched from the variety of dresses designs.

Order these Rex Lawn dresses from all across Pakistan and it will shortly be delivered to your door step in no time, the cash on delivery payment method is also facilitating online buyers on to shop with trust. The Rex lawn dresses range include unstitched embroidered and printed suits with latest and traditional lawn trends of 2018.

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