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Reviews on Swiss Arabian Perfumes
Swiss Arabian is considered to be the luxury perfumes in abu dhabi which proof that this is one of the best perfumes in the world today.

Saira M
Mon 29 Jan, 2018
At first i thought these perfumes are fake or copy of original once, but when i bought it i realized that these are 100% original and same as we see in dubai.

kamal M
Wed 17 Jan, 2018
It a nice fragrance perfume brands from and for Muslims as they claim that there is not alcohol in their perfumes which is good for people who offer namaz and do religious acts during the day.

Abdullah M
Thu 11 Jan, 2018
There is no better perfumes than the Swiss Arabian perfumes which are branded and original at this website, i have been trying one by one all of this brands perfumes.

ghaffar M
Sun 07 Jan, 2018
i really like swiss brand, as there is no compromise on the quality plus best notes

Thu 23 Nov, 2017
the swiss perfume is one of the most high end and durable perfumes in the market with best notes available

Sun 05 Nov, 2017
When i was in dubai, arabs mostly used this brand and this is one of their favorite brands in perfumes and attar unlike European brands, because most of European brands contain alcohol in perfumes.

Mon 15 May, 2017
These swiss arabian perfumes closely feel like attar the fragrance and the look is almost same, i buy these instead of attars, they smell so nice and elegant.

Tue 09 May, 2017
I like swiss Arabian perfumes and always have this directly from dubai....good to see here on this website will try this much and it would be easier shopping it from own city.....

Fri 05 May, 2017
Attar Mubakhar Swiss Arabian 20ML For Women And Men
Now we can use attars as a perfume to keep both religious values and on going traditions, Swiss Arabian set an example for all Muslims in perfumes.

sameer m
Tue 23 Jan, 2018
Dehn el Ood Mubarak Swiss Arabian 6ML For Men & Women
It is good to see that some islamic brands are also in the international market so we can use safe perfumes.

raheem M
Thu 28 Sep, 2017
Attar Noora By Swiss Arabian For Men & Women 20ML
Perfumes that can be used by men and women both are the best, there is no confusion that who could use these perfumes.

Fri 12 May, 2017

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