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Haier 1 Ton HSU-12HQA-R2-DB DC Inverter

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Reviews on Toshiba Split AC

Toshiba is known for the most desirable and demanding split A/C manufacturers including that fit everywhere, better from every aspects of the split A/C technology used today. There are numerous sizes and capacities available in the split A/C categories in different designs. Toshiba air conditioners provide strong cooling in the hot wormy environment of Pakistan. It has the technology to filter the air flow, better covering air flow areas, moisture and humidity reduction technology and much more. The Designs are compact and light which makes easy installation and movements. Toshiba Split A/Cs are easily available in Pakistan with all of its models, parts and services, there are number of dealers and sellers available, is offering Toshiba split A/Cs price in Pakistan in 2018.

Toshiba Super Digital Inverter High-Wall Series:
The Toshiba Super Digital Inverter High-Wall Series include some of the most advance models technologically with best features, it has slim design with inverter technology, perfect for large areas such as restaurants, offices and conference rooms. It also has TCC Link remote control with Infra-red and wired controls.

Toshiba Digital Inverter High-Wall Series:
Toshiba Digital Inverter High-Wall Series is another one of the popular series of Toshiba A/Cs, it is equipped with Twin Rotary Inverter Compressor which is high efficiency compressor with Replacement Technology, digital inverter technology, optimum air distribution with Auto louvre mode and more.

Toshiba Daiseikai Inverter High-Wall Series:
This is the series where you can use Single or multi-split systems on single outdoor unit, it has unique compact design with DC Hybrid inverter and twin rotary compressors, the latest air purification technology is also be used in this series. It is also the energy efficient model saves the electricity and cuts the utility bills.

Toshiba RAS Inverter High-Wall (AvAnt) Series:
Toshiba RAS Inverter High-Wall (AvAnt) Series is the most ideal series for home use and small and average area cooling, it has cooling and heating both features with noise reduce mechanism, Auto-diagnosis function which tells you any issue in case of out of order, there is also 3 in 1 air filtration system and more.

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