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limelight lawn collection is one of the best brands in my experience. It provides an authentic modernistic expression of trendy, lively style and fluttery light fashion which few others are known to have mastered. For Eid this year, I went with limelight as my brand of choice and bought the 3 piece Missouri suit emboirdered- unstitched and it turned out to be worth every penny, From the quality of the fabric to embroidery and the overall graceful look of the dress due to its sophisticated color pallette was simply stunning.

Fareeha 64
Fri 21 Jun, 2024
limelight has always been in the list of my favorite dresses when it comes to casual wear articles. my love for limelight has increased significantly this year after I experienced their 2-pc printed lawn suit. this suit falls in the unstitched category which is my favorite personally. this 2-pc dress is an ultimate combination of perfect design philosophy and colors. the color pallet chosen for this dress goes along with the overall design perfectly. with intrigue prints this dress is currently my favorite for this season. I really suggest you all to try out limelight dresses because their quality is really amazing and will surely satisfy you.

Nihal 64
Wed 24 Jan, 2024
Limelight is one of those brands that truly captivate the most modern, trendy and chic trends overall combined with truly moddish cuts and vibrant saturated colors and incorporate them successfully in a truly mesmerizing dress with an aura that can be sensed from miles far. Its my favorite brand because nothing capture minimalist modernism better in vivid colors than limelight

Tue 15 Aug, 2023
when will b announce lime light sale on Karachi outlet this brand is awesome and fabric of this brand good please confirm e best rates of of limelight lawns suits thanks

Tue 23 May, 2023
All brands are good but limlight is best ever 😊😊

Areeba queen
Thu 11 May, 2023
I am ur fan please i love this summer lawn printed collection very much can u tell me when will ba announce new latest summer limelight suits for kids thanks// waiting also lime light lawn sale please

Wed 03 May, 2023
waoo khaadi not best limelight is always best brand please tell me how i can viit ur outrt we need some summer limelight lawn collection guide me ur outlet address thanks

Tue 18 Apr, 2023
Limelight offer Eid Unstitched ’23 – Flaunt traditional vibes this chandraat with beautifully poised dainty chand embroidered outfit. how i can buy online lime light lawn dresses thanks

Sun 19 Mar, 2023
summer coming no waiting new lime light collection with sale price itmas love it best bradn ever n online in pakistan

Sun 15 Jan, 2023
we always said limelight best brand how they service we dont know fabric quality and customer support of this brand awesome inshallah we will more limelight summer dress's on ur shop thanks

Sun 08 Jan, 2023 - Lawn EID COLLECTION - Lawn EID COLLECTION
Limelight is a well-established fashion brand which has been ruling the market from a decade. Their mission was to create outfits which are modernistic as well as attractive. To fulfil this vision, limelight always carries out a lengthy research on the modern demands of the Pakistani women. These researches are used by limelight to design and craft creative masterpieces. Limelight has excelled in almost every type of clothing and every niche. Although limelight launches its collections in almost every fabric to motivate the Pakistani audience. The latest collection is the limelight lawn unstitched collection 2023. This collection by limelight is a versatile collection with various different sections and categories designed to help you. The collection is based on a newly developed design language which is inspired from the Pakistani traditions and cultures. This classic theme is combined with modern trends and patterns to give this collection a progressive look and feel. (Online Shopping in Pakistan) The collection is a vast collection which has a wide range of printed lawn shirts and printed dupattas and trousers as well. These printed designs include beautiful floral designs as well as simple designs which are ideal for women who prefer to wear simple and sophisticated designs. The limelight unstitched lawn dresses collection 2023 also has numerous embroidered articles as well which include shirts, dupattas, and trousers also which are keenly crafted onto the fabric. The
Founded in 2010 by Mr. Wahaaj Tariq and Amna Wahaaj, Limelight stands as a distinguished fashion clothing brand committed to crafting appealing and comfortable outfits for women of all ages and personas. With a vision to offer high-quality products at affordable prices, Limelight's dedicated team of professionals, including designers, textile experts, and marketing strategists, collaborates to present a diverse range of stitched and unstitched, Western and Eastern, formal and semi-formal attire. Limelight excels not only in clothing for men, women, and girls but also in fragrances, body mists, accessories, bags, and footwear. The brand's vibrant collections feature impeccable designs, incorporating cultural heritage and modern styles. From bold and playful ensembles to classic sophistication, Limelight caters to diverse fashion tastes. The in-house production operations ensure meticulous processes from product design and fabric selection to inspection, pattern making, crafting, and sewing

 Limelight's presence extends across Pakistan with over 80 outlets strategically located in bustling city centers and malls. Each store offers a well-stocked inventory, pleasing aesthetics, a comfortable shopping environment, and professional staff providing excellent service. The top management ensures a well-organized workspace, effective policies, disciplined operations, and high manufacturing standards. Elevate your style quotient with Limelight's Unstitched Lawn Collection for the year 2024, a manifestation of timeless elegance and contemporary flair. Limelight has consistently delivered high-quality fashion at affordable prices, and this collection is no exception. Immerse yourself in a world of vibrant color palettes, intricate embroideries, delicate embellishments, and flawless prints. The Unstitched Lawn Collection is a testament to Limelight's commitment to crafting outfits that seamlessly blend cultural heritage with modern aesthetics. The collection caters to diverse tastes, offering a range from classic sophistication to bold and playful ensembles. Limelight's skilled designers infuse attention to detail, keeping in mind the evolving demands of their loyal customers. Each piece is a unique blend of smooth fabrics and contemporary cuts, creating an aura of sophistication. From everyday casual wear to special occasions, this collection promises versatility and comfort. Experience the epitome of fashion as Limelight brings you the latest trends in unstitched lawn fabrics. With a vision to redefine style, Limelight invites you to choose elegance, choose vibrancy, and make a statement with the Unstitched Lawn Collection 2024

 The unmatched affordability by limelight in this collection makes this collection a truly unique piece of creativity. Indulge in the epitome of style and convenience with Limelight's Ready to Wear Lawn Collection for 2024. This collection redefines ready-to-wear fashion, offering a perfect blend of comfort and sophistication. Immerse yourself in the allure of vibrant color schemes, contemporary cuts, and exquisite embellishments. Limelight's Ready-to-Wear Lawn Collection for 2024 caters to diverse fashion preferences, seamlessly transitioning from casual outings to formal gatherings. Whether it's a chic ensemble for a day out or an elegant outfit for a special occasion, each piece is thoughtfully crafted to reflect the brand's dedication to trendsetting designs. Experience the ease of instant style transformation as Limelight presents a curated selection that effortlessly merges modern trends with timeless charm in its Ready to Wear Lawn Collection for 2024. So order your favorite dress today from limelight.

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