Maria B Lawn 2020

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Reviews on Maria B Lawn
Hello h r u all today i saw in Facebook page the real face of maria b.she and her family are most irresponsible

Tue 24 Mar, 2020
Pretty satisfied will reccommend to other

Thu 30 Jan, 2020
maria b is a very nice brand as far as I know because my experience from it was very remarkable and amazing and now I always prefer buying this.

Wed 31 Oct, 2018
Maria B was absolutely amazing in all aspects. I was happy with the way it provided you comfort with amazing new and refreshing looks

Mon 11 Jun, 2018
Maria B has once again left us dazzled with its epic and great traditionally complemented designs. For me maria B feels more like a party wear dress than anyother on the market.

Kamal M
Tue 29 May, 2018
Maria B was never really my favorite and still ceases to win me over with its very traditionally red themed approach. However I do appreciate its consistency and development in its own particular region.

Wed 16 May, 2018
Maria b has really amazed me with its designs lately and I think that If I will buy a branded dress this season it will be maria B definitely..

fatima m
Thu 03 May, 2018
Maria B was really a very good lawn brand with exclusive designs fit for every occasion I can think of.

Lubna M
Thu 03 May, 2018
Just give me maria b dresses and I will be happy beyond words. There is no better dress out there that fits my need better than a maria b.

Mon 16 Apr, 2018
Maria b has always been my favorite and I found that it offers discounts at the greatest extremes in periodical sales. I was happy with my purchases and I think that it gives off the best and most reasonable

Maria Khan
Tue 10 Apr, 2018
Maria B is why im still into Pakistani brands. Their theme is very heavy and I like that there is at least one brand not blindly following the minimalist pattern that is so popular nowadays.

Thu 29 Mar, 2018
Maria B lawn was my favorite and I really enjoyed the fact that it didn’t provide me any problems but a simple yet high quality and fashionably acceptable attire for all weather.

Tue 27 Mar, 2018
Maria B was one of the greatest lawn collections back in its time. However it has lost the charm it was born with and maybe even it’s now lost its focus. I don’t find it exceptionally well in either quality and its pritns are too biased and monotonous. They have forgotten all creativity.

Mon 26 Mar, 2018
Maria B is one of the best and most reasonably priced lawn collections in my opinion. I was happy that it really provided one of the best experiences but lately I haven’t been impressed with maria B in the latest varieties as it wasn’t really true to what it actually is.

Wed 21 Mar, 2018
Maria B is an absolutely amazing brand when it comes to being party pret. I was so amazed at the way its simplistic yet rich embroidered designs showcased a sophisticated decision and person, all in all.

Mon 19 Mar, 2018

Maria B Lawn 2020 - Maria B is one of the most famous Lawn brands in Pakistan for 2020. It has established itself as a brand to remain around with some of the best lawn collections in the recent years that are remembered to date. Maria B actively participates in Fashion events and avid sponsorships to show the potential of its latest variety to the people. Maria B however is a very different sort of Lawn brand as it is not working in the interests of a comfortable every day lawn wear collection but rather a strong variety of formal and partywear volumes.

The latest collection of Maria B lawn in 2020 has simply a lot happening at once. It isn't suited for everyday summer wear as the Lawn itself is a bit heavy and with the heavy chiffon embroidering and heavy lined dupattas as well as a myriad of add-ons like sleeves, appliques and borders it clearly seems a modern and stylish substitute to the formal wear rather than home wear.

Maria B’s marketing interests are heavily influenced by what's in and hence it tends to feature the most in actresses in its Cat Walks and advertisements. Its magazines are filled to the brim with traditional like designs and pastel blues and grays consistent throughout. Famous faces can easily be spotted and Maria B relies heavily on that to sell what it has. With a very interesting collection released in the early 2020, lets see what else is in store now.

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