Reviews on Amna Ismail Lawn
amna ismail was very nice but I was surprised at the way it collaborated with the Pakistani culture in overall look and feel. Truly surprising in all aspects.

Tue 01 Aug, 2017
amna ismail is one of the best lawn brands in my opinion, I was happy to see that how well it was in terms of quality as well as other features normally noted in a dress.

Amna Nadeem
Mon 24 Jul, 2017
amna ismail was quite the final brand that really gives you a feeling to go ahead and do something. I was so happy that it was delivered to me so soon. i love how well the colors are designed

Ahmed khana
Thu 13 Jul, 2017
I was quite amazed with how well amna ismail has become in 2017. Despite being cheaper than most branded varieties it certainly isn’t bad quality. Makes you question the major leagues I guess.

Wed 05 Jul, 2017
amna ismail was very nice in terms of over-all feel and look. Although I was quite happy with the practicality it had in terms of usability as compared to the competition i would appreciate some new variety in designs.

Samina khan
Wed 28 Jun, 2017
amna ismail is truly one of the best lawn brands I have ever seen. It gave me a satisfaction unlike anyother. Although I wasn’t impressed that much by any of the competing lawn brands I truly do enjoy its good prices.

Saleem khan
Thu 22 Jun, 2017
amna ismail lawn collection is really a good lawn brand that is reminiscent of those time when the actual lawn was a very premium and sophisticated brand. Quite a nice way to dress up people gracefully.

Amna khan
Mon 12 Jun, 2017
The amna ismail was quite dazzling in terms of overall look. I was completely taken aback with its gorgeous over the top designs and more over it gave the best quality to price ratio.

Tue 06 Jun, 2017
amna ismail’s lawn collection is one of the very best and in my humble opinion it was one of the best in terms of quality and price ratio. Having a powerful brand doe serve ou well after all.

Tue 30 May, 2017
amna ismail EId collection is one of the pioneers of budget lawn collections in Pakistan. It was quite nice in terms of overall design and quality. I was happy with what it had in terms of price and flair.

ahmer khanl
Fri 26 May, 2017
Amna ismail was one of the most amazing designers up until 2015 and later I thought that even though it wasn’t as good as 2015 the quality was infinitely better.

Nadia khan
Mon 15 May, 2017
The Eid collection Amna Ismail lawn collection was one of the most amazing ones in my opinion. I was utterly amazed at what amna ismail gave in terms of quality as well as price ! I loved it absolutely from top to bottom.

Yasir khan
Sat 06 May, 2017
East and west amana ismail lawn always Best! I recommend only amana islmail lawn fabric with chiffon duppata! , Last year i brought amana ismail dress with chiffon duppata for Eid ul fiter occlusion!

Fri 14 Apr, 2017
when will launch amana islamail chiffon collection! i like lawn collection with chiffon duppatta like it!

Sat 08 Apr, 2017
Why amna ismail brand not uypdate facebook page .. i am good lovery amna ismail lawn fabric! plese i request to amna ismail ceo update amna ismail facebook and offical website amna ismail! Thanks

Mon 03 Apr, 2017
Amna Ismail Embroidered Unstitched Festive Lawn Collectio (AI-06)
amna ismails lawn collection barely competes in term of high prices to powerful brands but in real life it’s not only one of the best but also one of the most structurally cool lawn brands.

sania khan
Mon 19 Jun, 2017
Amna Ismail Embroidered Unstitched Festive Lawn Collectio (AI-06)
I was quite impressed with the variety amna ismail came up with in 2017. Its various volumes encased a very nice dash and combination of gorgeous colors and designs themed perfectly according to the summer spirit.

Nabia ahmed
Thu 15 Jun, 2017
Amna Ismail Embroidered Unstitched Festive Lawn Collectio (AI-06)
I was quite happy with the amna ismail collection as it was quite a nice and mostly extravagant dress that bought me the best of both worlds in all aspects.

Thu 01 Jun, 2017

Amna Ismail lawn Collection is the country’s most awaited lawn collection in summer/spring season. Now has been proudly launching the latest lawn collection in 2018. Once again ready to become first choice of every lady in Pakistan and Central Asia, being a multinational brand. Amna Ismail has ornamented these summer lawns outfits with engaging considerations, appealing designs, complicated shapes and exclusive needlework in order to give you trendy and classy looks in hot summer. The colors are picked according to the season and its natural behavior with the highly complex combinations and matching. is giving easy access to all outfits of Amna Ismail lawn 2018 with its entire designs and varieties have a look on pricing lists and details and buy them with free home delivery all over Pakistan via cash on delivery payment method at

2018 Amna Ismail: Summer & Winter Collection

You can always look stunning and cool this summer! For years women’s AMNA ISMAIL has been proudly launching collections with modern embroidery and a variety of semi stitched, unstitched lawns for casual occasions, Eid and party wear. Either you are seeking for funky designs or any trendy look; these lawn suits are charming! Somewhat women every time need in their persona. Present here lawn collection are finest for your formal apparels and add perfect balance to your lifestyle; best wardrobes to wear at weddings, Eid festivals alongside for casual use.

Ghulam Shabbir Textiles is growing itself, also pick old-fashioned designs and makes them look more modish. However craze of Pakistani women buying designer dresses has full-grown for last two years, now people are willing to buy lawn dresses from online stores; soon after the release of new Amna Ismail lawn collection this Summer, check our catalog to compare prices and find worth value for your money.

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