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while I was looking to fill my wardrobe with some summer apparel, I came across the baroque embroidered unstitched lawn suit which is an extremely beautiful article. this dress comes with a colorful floral design which includes delicately embroidered flowers in different colors making it a superb dress. the dress is a complete package because it is a 3-piece suit. moreover, all of the components of the dress are perfectly designed because of which I highly recommend you all to try it out.

Bushra 64
Sun 21 Jan, 2024
Baroque lawn is one of the most impressive options available as of now. In my opinion there are a variety of lawn dresses that make the baroque lawn collections beautiful. Its quality is also good and so is the overall look of the dress which includes the color combinations and the overall design and embroidery of it. The lawn fabric quality is also very nice and comfortable. I really love it beyond anyother brand.

Dania 64
Sun 15 Oct, 2023
This was a relatively new brand for me so I was skeptical about trying it naturally. However the risk paid off completely. I think its overall look and quality was on par with the price. Amazing colors and designs as well. I think that it deserves a shoutout as well. I would recommend trying their lawn full heavy embroidered lawn dress and luxury cotton lawn heavy embroidered dress as well as 2 and 3 pc digital printed lawn. I got it in such an amazing price that I was able to try out one or two extra dresses as well.

ghousia 64
Wed 23 Aug, 2023
I have received my parcel of baroque lawn today and it was totally amazing with a variety of super cool designs and super lively colors that make the dress belong to a league apart

Rashida 64
Tue 15 Aug, 2023

Baroque is a renowned brand in the Pakistani fashion market with over a three decade long experience. Baroque has always provided high quality clothing collections to the Pakistani women with which they can enjoy every moment of their lives. Their craftsmanship can be witnessed in almost every other collection launched by baroque. Baroque stitched collections are one of the best pret wear collections in the market currently. The latest baroque pret collection 2023 is a futuristic collection which follows a newly developed design language which involves contemporary style of art along with a deep cultural artwork. This design language has been integrated with stylish and modern patterns of the dresses which make the baroque stitched collection 2023 truly a unique collection to admire in the market. The stitched collection by baroque is ideal for women of every age and the vast variety which it provides makes this collection perfect for every event. From simplistic to fancy dresses the baroque pret collection has a lot to offer to you in the form of the extremely attractive and keenly designed dresses. (Online Shopping in Pakistan) Each and every dress in the baroque pret wear collection 2023 is accompanied by a vast color pallet which contains various shades of hundreds of different colors ranging from dark colors to light colors and also a fusion of many colors. There are 1 piece, 2 piece and 3 piece suits out of which you can choose your favorite one. The variety
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A prominent leader in the textile industry from 30 years. Baroque has exceptionally done very well in keeping their customers attracted to their collections. Blending their years of prolonged experience and their heavy research on how to keep Pakistani people happy and satisfied they come up with modern and glamorous designs with stylish cuts and exceptionally intricate cuts and sleek fabric.

To rule over the hearts and minds of Pakistanis baroque lawn collection 2022 has entered the market with a boom. The futuristic designs with eastern touches sprinkled all over their clothing lineups and sparkling color shades they manage to be the perfect solution for you this year. Baroque lawn collection 2022 contains all characteristics of clothes that are meant to be acquired by young generation and modern women of Pakistan. They are fashionable, stylish and trendy.

Traditional and cultural values are also catered by baroque in a very sophisticated way. They have handled it effortlessly with their baroque eid collection 2022. Not something vague but a completely different range of embroidered and keenly crafted designs according to our culture. They are the best definition of perfection. From digitally deigned mind blowing designs to embroidered designs dipped in bold and outstanding colors the baroque eid collection is one of its kind.

Shoprex brings to you the whole range pf baroque lawn collection 2022 and baroque eid collection 2022 with a high quality maintained service. We have 7 day return policy and easy and secure delivery service across Pakistan for your utmost convenience. With a heavily enriched experience of more than 3 decades baroque is a senior player in the Pakistani fashion industry. Baroque is known for its modernistic and intrigue collections which are based on the original philosophy of baroque of providing the best quality clothes to the Pakistani women. Baroque launches its collections on every special occasion and has much to offer in them. The baroque eid collection 2023 has been launched this year especially to enrich your lives with the rich colors of this auspicious occasion. The design language of the baroque eid collection 2023 encompasses most of the modern trends and patterns which are being loved all across Pakistan because of their uniqueness. Each and every dress carries its own class and standard in this never ending collection. From delicately crafted embroideries to digitally printed designs baroque has filled this collection with every design aspect to satisfy your cravings for wonderful clothes on this eid. The collection comprises of stitched as well as unstitched articles which include ready to wear 1 piece, 2 piece as well as 3 piece complete suits which are all extremely elegant and phenomenal. The price range of this collection is also very well designed

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