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Reviews on Mausummery Lawn
till last year mausummery was my favorite and I always preferred mausummery over other brands. I ordered their unstitched lawn 3 pc unstitched embroidered lawn suit but it turned out to be a disappointment this year. the color of the dress I ordered was very much different from what was shown in the pictures. I know that slight difference is expected but this was not slight. the design was good and well put. but the fabric was another disappointment in this dress. this dress has encouraged me to avoid any more mausummery lawn dresses this season.

Yusra 64
Mon 29 Jan, 2024
Mausummery lawn is absolutely phenomenal in my opinion. I have been buying for several years now and the best I enjoy besides the crisp and light quality is the gorgeously embellished embroidery and designs as well as the consistent quality that it has. I was pretty amazed at the way mausemmery has kept its quality consistent over the eyars through thock and thin. I really enjoy it everytime I wear it .

Nadia 64
Sat 07 Oct, 2023
Mausummery Lawn Collection encapsulates the essence of vibrant elegance. Each piece is a celebration of intricate craftsmanship and artistic design, showcasing the brand's commitment to quality. The collection's diverse range of colors and patterns effortlessly caters to various occasions and preferences. The lightweight and breathable fabrics ensure comfort even in the warmest climates. moreover, the prices is another major point of mausummery lawn which i like the most.

Wed 23 Aug, 2023
Love this Mausummery dress and have purchased it in several colours. is simple to dress up or down. At the appropriate length for my height of4 feet7 .5 inches, this dress just touches the ground. I selected medium. gives a good body hug. I adore the fit and flare; it's very comfy for movement please update more collection thanks

Tue 24 Jan, 2023

EID COLLECTION 2023 - Mausummery Latest Lawn
EID COLLECTION 2023 - Mausummery Latest Lawn
Mausummery is a well reputed brand which has gained its roots form a traditional brand focused on reviving the true culture of the Pakistani fashion industry. But they have done this marvelously by combining it proficiently with modern virtues and trends to give each collection a modern and appetizing look and feel. Mausummery launches its wholesome collections throughout the year to keep you fascinated and entertained. The latest collection by mausummery is the all new mausummery summer lawn collection 2023 which is a season as well as fabric specific collection. This collection is launched to fulfil your clothing cravings in summers so that you can enjoy this season with the all new dresses in your wardrobe. This collection by mausummery is a complete package for you this year. The collection is based upon a modernistic design language which takes care of all the modern demands and trends in the fashion market to meet your requirements for your summer dress. The design language is accompanied by a catchy color pallet which includes hundreds of different colors with different shades. Moreover the design is chosen perfectly to match each design. The mausummery summer lawn collection 2023 contains stitched as well as unstitched articles. For those who want their summer dress on the go, stitched dresses are there as they include 1 piece, 2 piece and 3 piece suits which are all extremely graceful and elegant. Moreover the lawn fabric chosen for this collection is also of
With a versatile experience of more than 20 years mausummery is one of the largest fashion icons in Pakistan. mausummery was established in 2001 with the aim of making premium quality women apparel widespread in Pakistan. Every year there redesigned strategy is effectively infused into their collections to provide satisfying solutions to the demands of the modern era women. Mausummery deals in almost every type of fabric. Form lawn and chiffon to the delicate net, silk and linen fabric mausummery displays its excellence in every fabric. Since its existence mausummery has also put in efforts to make fashion an affordable passion for most of the Pakistani women. It launches multiple collections throughout the year which include fabric specific, season specific as well as many sales which makes these phenomenal collections even more pocket friendly. For mausummery the quality of the fabric is one of the main concerns. The fabrics are suitable for every weather in Pakistan which makes the fabric by mausummery a unique one. Each collection by mausummery is available in stitched and unstitched varieties. For every collection there is its own unique design language which is redesigned for each new collection.

Lawn fabric is one of the most demanded and loved fabric out there in the market. Mausummery knows very well what its audience demands and to satisfy your demands mausummery has launched the all new mausummery lawn collection 2024. This is one of the biggest collection of 2024. The collection include sub sections which include the mausummery ready to wear lawn collection 2024. This ready to wear collection can be a perfect choice for you this year if you don’t want to face the hassle of getting your dresses stitched. The collection includes several dresses which are there for your casual life as well as for formal occasions. The designs of each and every dress is combined with beautiful ornaments as well as delicate embroideries which are applied proficiently onto the fabric to give it a premium look. Mausummery has given special attention to the level of attention to detail in this latest collection so that the audience is fully satisfied.

The next sub collection is the mausummery unstitched lawn collection 2024. This is specifically for those women who want to choose the best dresses for themselves and want their dress to fit them exactly with no room for discomfort. The unstitched dresses are also designed on the same design language with catchy and vibrant colors that go along with the overall theme of the whole collection. The designs include the traditional as well as modernistic designs which display the level of innovation executed into this collection by the designers at mausummery. The beautiful floral prints can be spotted on Mausummery's unstitched lawn collection 2024, which includes kurtas to two-piece suits, and three-piece dresses. The unstitched collection by the brand carries digitally printed lawn suits with lawn dupattas, all of which are top notch in terms of quality. Mausummery lawn collection 2024 is your ultimate choice this year to enlighten your year.

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