Nishat Linen Lawn 2017

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Denim Ring Neck Shirt for Women

Rs. 1,600
Rs. 1,250

Star Classic Lawn Suit (SC-94)

Rs. 1,800
Rs. 1,350
Reviews on Nishat Lawn
Hai I stay in Dallas I want to buy some dresses from nishatlinen plz help me how can I get thanks

Shaila Parveen
Mon 29 May, 2017
Nishat Linen Summer Lawn in stores unsitched & ready to wear April 20 2017, I am waiting new Nishat Girls collection 2017 in stores!

Sat 15 Apr, 2017
I love nishat linen 2017 lawn dresses very much but plese confrim its p[rinted or emd? i wanna buy for kids, send nishat linen 2017 kid lawn collection!

safia khan
Sat 08 Apr, 2017
it is one of my favorite designer offering best articles with economical rates. I take a look on their gallery and these articles are really beautiful

Fri 07 Apr, 2017
I brought latest Nishat 3 piece but its so expensive! Cant offerd any women well.. If any one buy Nishat Linen 2016 lawn dresses contact with me not sell Nishat Linen 2017 collection!

Mon 03 Apr, 2017
Nishat Linen introuce new white & blue 3 piece lawn dress 2017 with blue chiffon dupatta, Floral printed lawn shirt & Tight cambric trouser, really beautify the look! Thanks

Mon 03 Apr, 2017
Nishat Lawn Collection is getting best and best day by dy

Mon 27 Mar, 2017
All over variety is the best but some fabric quality in spots after wash can u explain me what is the problems of your some product .

nighat ali
Wed 22 Mar, 2017
contain multi volumes and vareity of color options for the catalogue. Nishat linen is best option consider as most suitable for the hot days of summer

Mon 13 Mar, 2017
most awaited collection is Nishat Linen Unstitched Spring 2017 because this will add more dresses in the catalog with combination of both linen and classic combination

Aiman Sattar
Fri 10 Mar, 2017
quality of excellence contrasting hues featured in Nishat lawn dresses are so much improved.

Tue 07 Mar, 2017
nishat consider as reasonable brand for ladies dresses. Collections at with superb prices. Creative Designs, Style, Fashion illustration and updated spring 2017 summer collection gorgeous 3 piece high end unstitched lawn

Hania Shehzad
Tue 07 Mar, 2017
i have been following all brands of lawn collection 2017 this year, finally i got the right one, that is nishat linen lawn collection, i found some finest designs in this collection, people are admiring it all over internet.

Fri 03 Mar, 2017
I live Canada I wanna buy Nishat Linen Digitally Printed stitched lawn shirt for my wife but ur official website NishatLinenstore not open in canada.. anyone give me reason why website not open my nokia 3310 phone..

Thu 02 Mar, 2017
i have been waiting for its announcement of new collection 2017 nishat lawn, the last years collection was too good, i gifted it to my mom and sisters.

Mon 27 Feb, 2017

Nishat Linen lawn 2018 - Nishat Linen is one of the most hit collections of lawn in 2018 in Pakistan. Focusing on unique experimenting with geometrics and figurines all with a very bright, tacky and vibrant color palette seems to have struck the Pakistani population and they don't seem to mind a little bit of variation in the traditional cultural patterns. For summer new collections Nishat spring 2018, unstitched spring, embroidered lawn, printed lawn 2018 suits are listed. With a huge variety Nishat Linen has obviously expanded its operations and made its presence known in every corner and every mouth of Pakistan as a household name.

Nishat Lawn 2018 with Prices in Pakistan

The latest Nishat Summer collection 2018 does pack a certain cultural feel but it does feel very fresh and different due to certain elements like a new pattern set being incorporated with a vibrant color palette. All these little improvements in the right places have managed to have a big impact on the actual product and people love it. Unlike brands such as Khaadi and Gul Ahmed , Nishat has chosen not to cash in on the actual feel of the product but to provide a completely revamped aesthetic to appeal to the people in a progressive year like 2018 in Pakistan.

The new collection of Nishat Linen now available in stores! Find best fabric of your choice at include:

• Nishat spring 2018
• Nishat Linen Unstitched Spring 2018
• Nishat Embroidered Lawn 2018
• Nishat Printed Lawn 2018

Nishat Lawn Summer Sale!

For Pakistani customers Nishat Linen keep announcing summer and winter discounts; sales up to 50% off on Nishat Lawn summer lawn collections for Eid, Ramadan and winter summer sale. Women’s all over the world now recognize Nishat fashion brand; there stylish and modern dresses are popular and consider as worthy outfit In United Kingdom, America, Asia and Canada.

Nishat Linen lawn 2018 strategy involves inspiring people with the colors of the wind and they manage to create willingness successfully with their loads of Tv Ads and sponsorships full of Nishat varieties. With the launch of its modern themed lawn ready for the first quarter of 2018, it has kept people anxious enough to stay on their heels.

You are looking now Nishat Lawn price in pakistan including in all major cities, Nishat Lawn Price in Karachi, Nishat Lawn price in Lahore, Islamabad, Faislabad, Pesahwer, Quetta, Multan, Rawalpindi and many more cities.