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Reviews on Women's Lawn Collection 2017
The lawn collection Pakistani this year has been quite amazing but lately I have noticed it not really coming up with attractive lawn designs. I was quite impressed with it initially and it really did feel over the top in every aspect but some things could be reverted to improve.

Mira ahmed lahore
Fri 21 Apr, 2017
The Women lawn collection is truly one of the most amazing collections of 2017 shoprex. I was impressed that apart from providing budget brands shoprex took a step towards providing premium brands like khaadi and gul-ahmad to us with free delivery.

safia pindi
Tue 18 Apr, 2017
All lawn collection suits designs are looking so awesoime that any party will not be missed if you have Amna ismail Latest & Beautiful chiffon dupatta Lawn Collection 2017 For Women.

Shanina khan lahore
Mon 17 Apr, 2017
the Pakistani Summer lawn collection is really amazing and totally capture the true essence of what a nice and potentially powerful aesthetic is. I admired the latest designs primarily because of the refreshing designs.

sadaf RTahim yar khan
Mon 17 Apr, 2017
Hello happy weekend , i canot buy branded expensive designer lawns, so i think print normal lawn are a good option for us.. please update low price lawn April collection 2017 on ur website!

safia lahore
Fri 14 Apr, 2017
Lawn collection here was undoubtedly the most amazing in all terms.

samina khan Rahm yar khan
Wed 12 Apr, 2017
sir ur Women's Lawn Suits unsitched collection super, i really like ur lawn dresses nice print dress design , but i wanna see some Women's eid Lawn Suits 2017 for eid occussion do u have for eid collection if u have plese update ur website thanks!

zara Karachi
Mon 10 Apr, 2017
I was so totally amazed with the amazing quality that was provided. It’s truly a blessing to have services like shoprex providing us with over the top lawn suits that don’t beat your budget and provide quality at the same time.

salma khan ahmed lahore
Mon 10 Apr, 2017
I Star classic all collection is best. Love u Star classic lawn very much ! .. Please update more star classic lawn design 2017 on ur website buy this update lawn collection with Chiffon Dupatta 2017 collection! Now lawn Dupatta many women not like not lawn Dupatta! I request to u update latest summer collection on ur website God Bless u ... Happy weekend ENjoy sunday with Hot cup of Tea... ! .. I wanna see lawn collection with chiffon Dupatta collection ... :)

Tamim khan pindi
Fri 07 Apr, 2017
the lawn collection here is truly one of the most amazing lawn collection shoprex has ever got since 2017 started. I was astounded with how well it actual felt in such an astounding price.

Irfan khan lahore
Thu 06 Apr, 2017
All lawn collection 2017 which i have found at shoprex.com is just too good...I am dying to buy some dresses but waiting for 10 of this month to get my salary on hand....

Asra Pindi
Wed 05 Apr, 2017
I Love this ur lawn dresses very ... do u have latest digital lawn dresses 2017 o ur website! i love ur lawn collection very much love u guys.. and ur service awesome, i need 3 unsicthed summer lawn dresses for my wife thanks!

faraz khan pindi
Wed 05 Apr, 2017
the lawn collection was very nice here and I felt that it truly captivated the serenity and essence of a typical summer day. Lawn is meant to be light and flown and that is exactly what I get with the lawn collection here.

sadia ahmed lahore
Tue 04 Apr, 2017
Pakistani Sana Safinaz Summer 2017 swag gets a reboot with 54 of the hippest designs on the block! Stay tuned for our Muzlin Volume 1, the definition of affordable luxury. Launching nationwide and online on 10th April '17

sana ahmed karachi
Sun 02 Apr, 2017
the lawn collection April 2017 here was quite amazing and I was truly happy to see such a nice dress in terms of quality being sold at such a great price. I also saw many brands that were not normally in the local market.

lubna lahore
Sun 02 Apr, 2017
Star Printed Lawn Suit 2017 Vol-2 (SC-138)
The lawn Suits 2017 of star is quite vibrant and surely commensurate the ones of famous brand like khaadi and other top tier players in 2017. I was impressed with it quite a lot as you don’t get so much for so little price anymore.

Fri 21 Apr, 2017
Star Krinkle Lawn Chiffon Dupatta 2017 Unstitched (SC-115)
The star collection really did provide one of the most interesting experiences in the star collection. Although it wasn’t really something that felt cool in terms of looks it certainly was the most comfortable but that’s totally my opinion. My standards are too high already.

Tue 18 Apr, 2017
Star Collection 2017 Vol-1 (2 Pcs) (SC-137)
The lawn collection here is totally mind-blowing and feels completely over the top. I was not really happy when I saw that how it’s increasingly kept out of stock! It’s the 3rd time today I have to face this problem.

Samina khan
Mon 17 Apr, 2017