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Reviews on Riwaj Lawn
it was my first time trying out riwaj. I ordered a lawn dress in blue color form riwaj. the dress reached to me in just a few days and the product was exactly as per the description of the product that was provided on the website. the color of the dress is also really good. the quality of the overall dress is very good. the lawn fabric used in the dress is extremely soft and breathable which makes this dress a very comfortable choice for my daily life. moreover, the print was extremely good and was applied in matching colors. the dress was a 2 pc suit and the dupatta which came along with it is also equally good.

Jameela 64
Wed 31 Jan, 2024

Riwaj Lawn 2024 - In an increasingly competitive year like 2022 the top tiers of the Lawn industry are occupied by big names that seldom newcomers and existing lower grade brands can come up to. This inaccessibility to emerge in that market created a new market known as the budget segment. In the past decade various brand have come and gone in this sector and the Riwaj Lawn brand remains the most prominent to date.

Instead of producing over the top Lawn and retailing them at handsome prices, Riwaj chose to provide an affordable yet decent type of lawn. Satisfactory quality at a bargain price proved to be an instant hit for Riwaj Lawn and although not seen in a class same as famous brands it's created a class for itself.

Riwaj Lawn 2018..Now in Budget:

For 2018 Riwaj has gone all out and produced some mesmerizing designs that perfectly showcase our cultural traditions and are gorgeous to look at both in formal and informal varieties. The general quality of the fabric itself is value packed too either. It's perfectly breathable and takes on the harsh summers admirably. Riwaj has provided a very nice fusion of both vibrant and toned down colors to achieve a very different and decent look that works everywhere.

Riwaj lacks any sort of international presence and mostly its dresses can be found in third party shops and online retailers like shoprex. Shops providing major lawn brands are almost always likely to keep Riwaj in stock too. Hence established with a very prominent sort of supply-chain Riwaj has been an instant hit amongst the masses.

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