Reviews on VS Textile Lawn
Kia pack of 2 or 3 apni Marzi say lay sacktay hain

Najma Naheed
Wed 18 Apr, 2018
I haven’t really tried vs lawn for a long time now since last 2 years have mostly been either sana safinaz lawn or j. collections but this year I think ill buy some pieces of VS too as I like the way they have entered in 2018.

Wed 21 Mar, 2018
VS textiles have become the most amazing and best lawn collections considering value for money. It offers the most out of the dress in terms of prints and quality against a price that doesn’t feel too much of a burden (seeing its pristine quality).

Mon 19 Mar, 2018
Every year in the summer season i wait for the launch of VS Textile Lawn dresses, which are available here at first place.

umaima M
Sat 10 Mar, 2018
i suggest all women here to only buy a branded lawn collections, which are better and more reliable than replica or unknown brand's lawn collections available on internet, and for this shoprex.com is the ideal site as i have great experience.

Zubaida M
Fri 02 Mar, 2018
the new VS Textile Lawn collection 2018 is perfect match with the summers styling and fashion, it has numerous looks and patterns which makes it different from other latest lawn collections of 2018.

javeed M
Sat 24 Feb, 2018
I am very excited for buy VS Textile new Lawn collection 2018 which is available here at first place, i have selected and order several best printed designs of vs textile lawn already.

Naeema m
Wed 14 Feb, 2018
Vs Textile Team ur dresses of color awesome But Please Prints not changing, same design as 2017 vs collection.. please i request to u something new and exciting

Fri 09 Feb, 2018
I came here after reading a post that today vs textile is launching its new lawn collection of 2018 so finally i found here which is the only website which has this latest collection online.

Saira M
Tue 06 Feb, 2018
VS Textile Lawn always bring something new in its summer lawn collections, i have been wearing it for 3 years and found it the best lawn.

umaima M
Tue 06 Feb, 2018
VS Textile Lawn brought some latest designs of lawn this year, i was very excited to see all the vs classic lawn of 2018 and this is the first online store which listed all the latest designs of lawn here.

Rabia M
Mon 05 Feb, 2018
Your fabric is fine.

Tue 23 May, 2017
Boht auchi hi collection.

Sun 30 Apr, 2017
The women clothing which this website is offering specially lawn dresses are all available in very reasonable price and this is much better than all the brands who offer a dress which a normal customer can never afford...

Thu 30 Mar, 2017
if we look at this brand, we can see these are much better than other big names, or atleast similar to them, i need to buy more from VS textile this year.

Sun 26 Mar, 2017
Pack of 3 - Printed Lawn Dresses 2018 Unstitched (VS-66), (RS-61) & (DRL-13)
It has always been a wonderful experiance of buying these pack of 3 dresses in different brands and types, which save cost on each dress, if i buy individually, the each dress become more costly, that is why my choice always be in buying pack of 3 and 2s.

rehana m
Sat 14 Apr, 2018
VS Classic Lawn Suit with Lawn Dupatta Unstitched (VS-66)
VS lawn textiles is a really amazing and reasonable collection of clothes that I feel provides the very best in terms of overall utility. I was surprised it was as good as it was in terms of price.

shabana khan
Tue 10 Apr, 2018
VS Classic Printed Lawn Collection 2018 Unstitched (13A)
Vs textiles has given us hits one year after the other, I have bought vs textiles for as long as they have been around and never once have I thought that they could do better in this price range.

Thu 29 Mar, 2018

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VS TEXTILE, the brand

VS textile mills is one of the oldest and well-known names among Pakistani textile industry, it has produced number of designs and fabrics till today and which can easily be found in Pakistani fabric markets. VS textile also maintains hundreds of stores, e-stores, distributors and retailers though out the country and also exported outside the borders. VS Textile uses sate of the art technology and machinery for knitting, dyeing, printing and stitching its apparels products.

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The new VS Classic Printed Lawn Collection 2018 suites are available in 3 pieces with numerous colors and their combinations with the latest trends of printing and dyeing styles which is going to look perfect in this summers of 2018. The collection typically consists of 3.0 Meter Printed Lawn Shirt, 2.5 Meter Printed Lawn Dupatta and 2.5 Meter Dyed Lawn Trouser, which can easily be stitched.

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