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Reviews on Maria B Winter Collection
I really Like maria B brand suit if i compare to khaadi and nishaat ! i think Maria B suit not expensive ! Please update me more maria B winter suit my number thanks!

Thu 26 Aug, 2021
Kia heel wali fensi jutian bi sale me hy

Thu 24 Jan, 2019
Maria b has become one of the rarities in Karachi I think. I seldom see people opting maria b now that the competition is so damn tough. I think that it’s not exactly something everyone understands now that so many tasteless options are available and only sell due to being cheap.

ghaffar M
Tue 30 Jan, 2018
Maria b has really become one really hot piece of trend that’s impossible to forget or shatter. I was impressed beyond limit with the way it was in terms of overall class and grace.

saher M
Thu 18 Jan, 2018
Maria B is one of the best in terms of efficient and durable wear that lasts long without any strain or washed out colors after prolonged use. I think that its not exactly the simplest brand and packs some sophistication as well.

Saira M
Wed 10 Jan, 2018
Maria b is one of the best and most impressive lawn designer’s out there. It was quite impressive when I saw the way it actually felt in the actual winter season. Totally great.

obaid M
Fri 05 Jan, 2018
maria b is really amazing and gives you a really great vibe in my opinion. I was so impressed with its authentic and really different designs too. My favorite and the most likeable brand up till now.

Rahila M
Mon 25 Dec, 2017
The 2017 winter collection I made this year was all maria B, alkaram and a bit of kayseria. I also had some motifz dresses for casual wear. I really enjoy this mix of visually stunning and traditional themed yet vibrant dresses.

jamal M
Mon 18 Dec, 2017
Maria B is quite an amazing and more than efficient lawn brand. It really impressed me with the way it was structured and designed exclusively too.

ehtesham m
Mon 11 Dec, 2017
Maria b has become one of the most amazing and worthwhile lawn collections. I noticed a slight price drop in its prices too, this is sort of a win-win situation for us as it really brings out all the quality at reasonable prices.

babera M
Tue 28 Nov, 2017
Mariab is quite an amazing lawn brand with an ample of amazing and vibrant color palette. Its really one of the best when In comes to price to quality ration in my opinion.

Deena M
Fri 24 Nov, 2017
Maria B has once again become the shining star of 2017 in the winter collections. IF you keep the price aside for a while and look at it you will notice that it packs pretty great looks and quality.

rafay M
Mon 20 Nov, 2017
maria-b was one of the most charming and definitely event minded dresses around. I felt as if it had a certain degree of maturity and seriousness with less flare that other dresses lacked. It doesn’t give up any elegance or wow factor though.

Fri 17 Nov, 2017
maria-b is quite nice in my opinion but I was not impressed with the way it has started changing its designs in all aspects and focused more towards being too much traditional centric.

Wed 15 Nov, 2017
maria-b is quite nice in my opinion but I was not impressed with the way it has started changing its designs in all aspects and focused more towards being too much traditional centric.

Tue 07 Nov, 2017

What is Maria B?
Maria B Fall Winter 2022 unsitched Collection Now available in all Maria B stores nationwide. - Maria B has a very good foot prints in the history of clothing across Pakistan, which let this brand become a first choice of everyone. When you enlist the best designer in Pakistan Maria B secures the prominent place. The extremely well designed and choice of the stunning colors and fabric makes it to get prominent attention among other competitors. When folks visit malls for clothing, especially women, it is very difficult to them to neglect Maria B outlet and their dresses.

Latest Maria B Winter Collection 2022:
Finally the waiting is over, Maria B Winter Collection 2022 has finally revealed with all its glamour and attractions. The entire collection is designed and created accordingly to everybody’s favorite winter season which is filled with pleasure and charm and the ideal season in Pakistan to be worn anything you like. Maria B product all of its outfits according to the winter season trends and clothing styles in Pakistan, which include evening wears, party wears, formal, casual and semi-formal outfits, which can be worn in anywhere any time during the entire winter season, the dresses also blend with the colors of winters. The embroidery and printing is precisely done with the interesting and familiar patterns of the women across Pakistan and south Asia.

Look for Maria B Winter Collection22 online:
Unlike physical outlets all accords the nation and outside Pakistan, Maria B is also available online as it is widely searched by seekers. In order to facilitate its online buyers Maria B acquired a web store for catching their collection online, including winter collection as it announced with all of their details and price list of the collections, it is the place where information regarding dress designs, styles, stitching and un stitching, 2, 3 and 4 pieces and high quality images for better understanding regarding each dresses looks.

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