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winter collection is so astounding here I must say. The way winter collection here is made amazing in every way, from fabrics and stunning gorgeous good looks to the most elegant and sophisticated color choice with graceful embroidery designs. It was a true delight to be able to actually get something so pretty and astounding in such an impressive price without having to actually go over budget undoubtedly.

sehrish 64 Karachi
Thu 09 Nov, 2023
Deepak perwani winter collection is one of the most amazing collections I have seen so far. I recently had the opportunity to purchase a beautiful new winter collection dress and I chose winter collections from deepak perwani purely because it had an amazing vibe. I bought dark blue, white and white gold dresses with the most impeccable embroidery and astoudning designs I have seen. The way the colors complement the complex designs are on another level.

Nazia 64 Karachi
Wed 25 Oct, 2023
i have always considered deepak perwani the best in the luxury women clothing segment. I frequently order their dresses throughout the year to fill my wardrobe. this year I recently ordered the deepak perwani winter collection and was delivered the same excellence i was a fan of. the dresses are perfect for winters and ideal for every formal event as well. I ordered the unstitched varieties of these dresses, and I am really happy that the dress was exactly as per the specifications mentioned.

Asifa Mushtaq64 Islamabad
Wed 11 Oct, 2023
Etienne Aigner was a new brand for me as I was trying it out for the first time. i ordered 5 of its dresses from the winter collection. I received my parcel in just 3 days which was really quick service from shoprex. the dresses I ordered were of khaddar and linen fabric which really surprised me in terms of the quality of fabric used. the quality and overall design theme of each and every dress is perfect. the colors are really beautiful and are not fading away which shows the quality standards of Etienne Aigner. I highly recommend you to but etienne aigner winter collection.

urwa malik64 Lahore
Mon 09 Oct, 2023
Amna Ismail WInter collections were pretty nice overall. I ordered the linen hit design full heavy embroidery dress and it was absolutely beautiful and gorgeous. The fabric quality of my embroidered dress by amna ismail was also exceptional and very smooth. Prints of Amna Ismail is something that can be improved slightly as I think they were nice but not too different or unique. Otherwise perfect dress for the price.

Kainat64 Lahore
Wed 04 Oct, 2023
winter collections here is abolsutely phenomenal. I think it really manages to give a good value for money experience as well. I waS quite happy overall with my purchase as the quality was excellent in all aspects be it color quality, craftsmanship or materials. An excellent product thats worthy of a solid 5/5 rating. The designs themselves depend on which brand you prefer and is a matter of which brands's design philosphy you like.

Majida 64 Lahore
Sat 30 Sep, 2023
This years winter collections for women is absolutely phenomenal. I was amazed at the way it provided such excellent comfort above all. Designs were nice too but I think that the winter collections really take home the cup when it comes to comfort and overall looks.

Tahira 64 Multan
Fri 29 Sep, 2023
Maria B really knows how to make dresses and the way it makes its dresses, prices them and markets them really does speaks volumes about its vast experience in the pret industry. I really think Maria B chapters are best in terms of looks and visuals as aesthetically, the modern and minimalist high end vibe they capture all wrapped in traditional and conventional styles is beyond amazing. It blends new and contemporary seamlessly so much so that you are at a loss of words trying to explain the beauty.

Maria Winter Dresses Karachi
Tue 26 Sep, 2023
One of the best winter collections when it comes to forward thinking designs on a budget. I was pretty impressed with it overall. I think that it manages to give a small yet powerful punch when it comes to overall looks and feel but I think that it should focus on improving fabric quality a bit otherwise its pretty much worth the price.

Tahira Skardu
Wed 16 Aug, 2023
i have always been a huge fan of asim jofa. this winter collection by asim jofa is also a marvelous collection. i am really surprised to see the prices of these dresses as the prices are very fair and the quality of dresses is above expectations. the dresses i ordered were delivered to me in less than a week and this thing took my heart. I was really surprised to see the quick delivery service. i will surely buy more dresses from asim jofa winter collection to fill my wardrobe with these masterpieces.

Tahira Quetta
Wed 09 Aug, 2023
i was looking for some winter dresses to buy from the ease of my home and I found this junaid jamshed winter collection. i ordered some dresses from these collections and they are all very good. i am very happy with my purchase decision. the quality of the fabric is also really good which has made these dresses very comfortable. but i have a question that does shoprex deliver in remote areas such as villages in interior sindh? otherwise, i think shoprex is a really good online place to fulfil shopping desires.

Amina Islamabad
Wed 09 Aug, 2023
these are some of the best alkaram winter dresses i have seen. alkaram has always fascinated me a lot and this time as well alkaram winter collection is top notch from every aspect. the fabric, design and feel of these dresses are perfect for winters in Pakistan. i am really enjoying these dresses. the super catchy prices are also another reason i have purchased these mesmerizing dresses. but i am only a little disappointed with the delivery service as it took a little extra time.

Hania Lahore
Wed 09 Aug, 2023
the variety of winter collection on shoprex is just mind blowing. i haven't seen these much winter dresses online as much as i have seen on shoprex. I ordered 5 suits form the winter collection and they are remarkable. their quality is unmatched and flawless which has made me fell in love with these dresses. the best thing about these dresses are the extremely affordable prices which makes these dresses even more worthwhile to buy. i highly recommend shoprex to you for purchasing the best winter suits.

Muzna64 karachi
Tue 08 Aug, 2023

Winters are one of the most enjoyable season which deserve all the apparel preparation one can do. To make this season even more special for the Pakistanis, almost every brand launches new and innovative collections to keep you captivated. Winter collections are just an umbrella to a whole lot of big varieties of winter dressings. Available in a variety of fabrics these winter collection are not just any ordinary collections. shoprex promises to deliver you the best winter collections every time. We strive to gather all the wonderful collections by almost every brand at one place for your ease and comfort. shoprex provides you with almost every dress in each collection. At shoprex we believe that there is nothing more crucial then maintaining customer relations. For which we have a range of services including the 7 day return policy to guarantee you with an experience you cherish forever in good words. Our lightning fast delivery service e allows you to get your hands on your favorite dresses in least time possible. Our delivery service deals in every corner of Pakistan so that you can order your desired dresses from the comfort of your house.

When it comes to fashion trends in Pakistan khaadi is a brand familiar to every other women. This year also the khaadi winter dresses 2023 is a delightful avenue to fulfil your winter desires. Khaadi has a versatile experience in this field which it has executed brilliantly in this collection which can be witnessed in the vast variety of dresses. By taking inspirations from global trends and fashions khaadi has implemented these modern and refreshing aesthetics into its winter collection brilliantly. This design language is a first-hand design language developed by khaadi. Khaadi has incorporated this design language marvelously with a keenly chosen color pallet which complements each other perfectly. This collection has many volumes which include the khaadi winter pret wear as well as khaadi winter unstitched collection each of which has its own grace and elegance. However the most demanded collection is the khaadi winter sale collection 2023 that attracts a large number of people to try out these masterpieces. The collection includes high quality fabrics like chiffon, linen as well as silk, all of which are the best in there league. With a proficiently designed design language and top notch fabric along with all the aesthetics Pakistani women demands, the khaadi winter dresses is one of the best collection out there for winters in Pakistan.

Limelight has once again proved its ability to weave through different fabrics in their all new limelight winter collection 2023. This collection by limelight is a treat for all winter lovers because it has all the aspects covered. As an emerging brand that has captured the Pakistani market very quickly, it is a great milestone for limelight to launch this level of winter collection every year with something new and modern to enjoy. This year’s limelight winter collection 2023 is a wholesome collection primarily due to its design language which is based on the modern virtues of the fashion market. However the experience of limelight is displayed all across the collection as they have proficiently merged the Pakistani cultures and traditions along with the trendy cuts and patterns to give this collection an entirely different vibe his year. The light colored theme of these dresses along with a high quality fabric has made this collection an appealing piece of art for women of every age. Their consistent efforts in improving their collections is the main reason why the Pakistani women wait for the winter collection by limelight.

Sapphire is another progressive brand which has launched its all new sapphire winter collection 2023. Sapphire is reputed for its punctuality in launching these exclusive collections. Moreover it is admired by the Pakistani audience for its delicate fabric and critically designed dresses which are all perfect to be an addition in someone’s wardrobe. This year’s limelight winter collection 2023 focuses primarily on improving the quality of fabric being offered. Limelight has innovated itself to develop better fabrics which are even more comfortable and effortless to wear. With a plethora of designs in this collection each dress is accompanied with digital prints as well as embroideries which are all marvelously weaved through. The most attractive part of the limelight winter collection 2023 is its price range which is extremely affordable. This allows every women to experience the charm of limelight winter collection 2023. You can choose your favorite design from the stitched and unstitched varieties that are available in 1 piece, 2 piece and 3 piece suits.

Zellbury, a name synonymous with affordable yet chic fashion, has once again raised the bar with its Winter Collection for 2023. As the cold winds start to sweep in, Zellbury has taken the season's fashion game to the next level, blending style and functionality in perfect harmony. This year, Zellbury's Winter Collection is all about keeping you warm while looking effortlessly stylish. With a wide range of clothing to enjoy and vibe with this collection includes embroidered and printed articles which are all coupled with a classy color pallet. Zellbury's commitment to quality shines through with fabrics designed to combat the chill while ensuring comfort. From snuggly knits to insulated outerwear, every piece is crafted with meticulous attention to detail. Discover the perfect blend of fashion and warmth, and make a statement this winter with Zellbury. Don't miss out on the season's hottest trends – explore the collection today and embrace the cold in style.

Alkaram's Winter Collection 2023 is a testament to timeless elegance and comfort. As the frosty winds approach, Alkaram brings forth a range of exquisite clothing that combines traditional charm with modern sensibilities. This collection caters to every winter fashion need. The color palette is a reflection of the season, featuring rich earthy tones and classic winter shades. Alkaram's dedication to quality and craftsmanship ensures that each piece is designed to keep you warm and fashionable during the chilly months. So what to wait for. Order your favorite dress from alkaram today form shoprex. We are ready to deliver you anywhere in Pakistan.


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Latest Khaddar Collection of LimeLight
Latest Khaddar Collection of LimeLight
When it comes to modern brands in Pakistani fashion market limelight is one of the best brand out there. Limelight came into existence over a decade ago with the mission to provide Pakistani women with a progressive and modern apparel range to enjoy. Limelight is also known for its punctuality in launching exclusive collections at regular intervals. The design philosophies by limelight in every collection are truly unique and distinctive. Although limelight knows very well how to play around with every fabric but khaddar is a really complex fabric which every brand cannot handle. The limelight khaddar collection 2023 is a flagship collection by limelight this year that showcases the expertise of limelight in creating such masterpieces. The limelight khaddar dresses this year are a totally different vibe as they are created on an independent design language that is designed to infuse the Pakistani cultures with modernistic patterns to derive something unique. This mesmerizing design language is combined with a keenly chosen color range that includes hundreds of different shades which match each design perfectly. Delicate embroideries with attractive laces also accompany the dresses which are also done in matching colors. You can witness the perfection and flawlessness in every dress of the limelight khaddar collection. Limelight has also taken care of the quality of each and every thing used in this collection. The khaddar fabric used in it is really soft and comfy making
SoKamal Khadar Dresses Design 2023 Collection
SoKamal Khadar Dresses Design 2023 Collection
So kamal came into existence almost a decade ago with the aim to redefine the eastern clothing trend in Pakistan. So kamal has consistently put in their efforts to achieve this aim and with every new collection they try to innovate and achieve their goal. They are known for their strict quality policy which guarantees the customers a smooth and excellent experience with so kamal. So kamal deals in almost every kind of fabric you can think of. So kamal is now one of the most preferred brands in Pakistan because it provides quality with affordability which is the reason behind their huge customer base. So kamals latest addition to its portfolio is the all new so kamal khaddar collection which is a beautiful collection. This collection by so kamal encompasses all the trends and fashion styles being followed in the modern world. These trends and styles are combined with the eastern heritage brilliantly by the team of experienced designers to create a distinctive design language that fulfils every demand regarding design theme of the Pakistani audience. This creative and catchy design language is infused with the vibrant and attractive color pallet. The dresses in this collection showcase the new standards of creativity and beauty as there are several dresses that are combined with keenly crafted embroideries that are weaved onto the khaddar fabric flawlessly to match the overall theme of each dress. The so kamal khaddar dresses is a breakthrough in the fashion market with its
Winter Khadar Design 2023
Winter Khadar Design 2023
Edenrobe is one of the most famous fashion brand in Pakistan. edenrobe is a place where luxurious quality comes together with premium designs. Edenrobe launches innovative and modernistic collections throughout the year which include collections based on fabrics, seasons and many more types. Edenrobe specializes in providing the best fabric to its audience. It has always made sure that its customers are provided with best apparel solutions out there in the fashion market. With its versatile experience in the Pakistani market edenrobe has provided some of the best collections in past few years. Khaddar is a fabric which is not everyone’s cup of tea but edenrobe has nailed it when it comes to khaddar fabric. There all new edenrobe khaddar collection is a true example of it. The all new collection by edenrobe focuses on satisfying the most of demands and desires of modern generation. The design language created by ednerobe is designed in a way that encompasses the traditional heritage of Pakistan along with modern frills and patterns that makes it one of the most modernistic collection in the market currently. The design language is combined with a vast color pallet that includes catchy shades of plenty of different colors that are chosen to reflect each design perfectly. Edenrobe has given special attention to the attention to detail in this collection and it can be witnessed throughout the collection. The collection seems to be perfect form every aspect. The khaddar fabric
Bonanza Khaddar Winter Dresses Design 2023
Bonanza Khaddar Winter Dresses Design 2023
Bonanza is brand with a prolong legacy of providing excellence and superiority to its audience. Bonanza is known for their expertise in executing their 4 decades long experience in the fashion market. Bonanza launches its superb collections throughout the year to keep its audience engaged and satisfied. It deals with almost every type of fabric and launches collections in different seasons as well. Bonanza has now become a prestigious brand with its loveable audience all across Pakistan. This is a result of their flawless quality and innovative design themes that are ideal for every age group. Khaddar is one of the most demanded fabric in Pakistan. Its importance is a result of its cultural importance. Bonanza weaves through this remarkable fabric in one of the best way possible. This can be witnessed in there all new bonanza khaddar dresses collection. This collection focuses primarily on providing high quality khaddar dresses to the Pakistani audience. The highlight of this collection is the fabric use din it which is of top notch quality. The serenity and softness of this fabric makes it a comfortable fabric to wear. Along with its warmness which makes it ideal for winters as well. The design language of the bonanza khaddar collection is inspired form the rich heritage of Pakistan which is combined with the modern trends and patterns making this collection a new trendsetter in the Pakistani fashion market. The keen attention to detail in the design theme of this