Umar Sayeed Winter Collection

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Reviews on Umar Sayeed Winter Collection
The top pink dresses is amazing among all, which is well designed and printed as well, i thing there is also little embroidery on that.

Tue 17 Nov, 2015
Stictched dresses, are perfect to instant wear, but for this the figure should be well maintain, you cannot be healthy for this.

Thu 05 Nov, 2015
what is the oppening date of Umersaeed winter collection2015-2016

Tue 03 Nov, 2015
I see there are few clothing brand which are stating the clothing design number clearly like UMAR SAYEED WINTER COLLECTION 2015, without it it is hard to find the right collection in the market after seeing it online.

Mon 26 Oct, 2015
from where to buy it.

Tue 31 Mar, 2015
Not very impressive i don't like these types of colorful dresses with so lose and simple designs, there should be some detailing and stitching and other areas of that dresses.

Sun 30 Nov, 2014
umer saeed winter collection is wonderful but very expensive to wear in winter as they are very short . poncho style is again coming and long shirts are in .colours are as usual unique. fabriq is out class.

Thu 06 Nov, 2014
UCL dresses are best in my opinion but the designs could certainly be a little better.

Mon 27 Oct, 2014
i want UCL dressi n parrot green color combo with white color. it in my opinion looks absolutely gorgeous and with ranged flowers or designs it will be not only a catchy dress but a good one too. is there such a dress.

Thu 23 Oct, 2014
i want UCL dressi n parrot green color combo with white color. it in my opinion looks absolutely gorgeous and with black and white and range flowers or designs it will be not only a catchy dress but a good one too. is there such a dress.

Thu 23 Oct, 2014
hello. i want to ask that why is winter collection so much cheaper than the lawn collection although more cloth is used in winter collections ??? it just doesnt come to me that easy that how in the world is it so cheap.

omair ahmed
Fri 17 Oct, 2014
i want to buy and get home delivery UCL dress code 3 beige.i like the embroidered patti and the slight sandy type beige color on it. its an incredible mix of patterns at a incredible price with high quality fabrics.

Wed 15 Oct, 2014
compared to this time's gul ahmed's prints i think umar sayeed has better prints. gul ahmed stocks prints that are ever green but umar sayyeed has prints that may seem glamorous and are but last for not too long( the fashion). both are equal in quality and price though.

umme aimen
Thu 09 Oct, 2014
How it will cost the complete suit including stitching, i can't buy just only a fabric, is there any boutique in Faisalabad that sells complete dress??

Fri 06 Dec, 2013
Umar Sayeed Winter Collection is good for use southern cities of pakistan but it can not use northern area of pakistan in Winter seasons.

Mon 02 Dec, 2013

Umar Sayeed Winter Collection is one of the greatest collections this winter 2020, Umar Sayeed is leading this winter, which is also present in London Hajira Ahmad. There are number of designs and out fits available with lots of designs, stitched and non-stitched and others, of looking for further details regarding Umar Sayeed Winter/fall Collection 2019 2020 in the month of December.

Umar Sayeed Winter Collection for 2019 2020 are available in several different colors such as Maroon, Aqua, Green, Red, Beige, Royal Blue and more, these are designed with the combination of different colors, textures and patterns, this winter collection is considered to be the most awaited collections by Umer Sayeed, the collection is also be luxurious and some heavy designs which can also be worn in wedding and formal parties. The winter collection dresses are exclusive at all the outlets across the country with prominent identity of brand name due to its quality. Find out best prices at

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