Reviews on Anum Lawn
anum tends to be a hot favorite amongst the Pakistani public and mine as well. Its creativity with which it was designed was a very unique touch to the overall look of the dress.

Anum khan
Thu 22 Jun, 2017
I have long been purchasing lawn from shoprex and other websites alike. While I find no considerable difference in the product quality I do find shoprex a worthy upgrade as it delivers free of cost across Pakistan, no questions asked.

Salma khan
Tue 20 Jun, 2017
the anum lawn collection is a very nice and mostly amazing sort of potential dress that truly gets me the best of both worlds. I was happy with quite a nice dress in many ways including price.

Yasir khan
Thu 01 Jun, 2017
anum lawn collection was quite a nice and amazing affair and sadly I was not really in the mood for a new experience so I ordered the previously tried anum lawn collection. I was surprised when I noticed they had altered the fabric slightly to make it more cool and ventilated.

Anum khan
Tue 30 May, 2017
Anum lawn collections were very nice. It really impressed me with what it had in terms of brand image as everyone has but raving positive reviews about it.

Anum Khan
Fri 26 May, 2017
the anum collection was one of the most amazing lawn collections I have ever come across. Sure it was one of the most amazing dresses but I got it after so long that it really mattered less when it came through.

Fri 19 May, 2017
The anum lawn collection is one of the better collections in my opinion. It really impressively caresses the awesome aura of the traditional anum feel and within a budget too.

Shokat ahmed
Mon 15 May, 2017
the lawn collection is one of those that really does highlight the overall summer essence in every way possible. I was initially impressed with its price to quality ratio and later loved the distinct design palette.

Nadia khan
Thu 11 May, 2017
the anum lawn collection is one of the most amazing sorts of lawn collections overall. Even though it was more than pleasing in terms of quality I was a bit double minded in terms of price but despite that I was more than happy with the delivery.

Tania khan
Sat 06 May, 2017
Please reaped this suits no code moo9315.model no 03.B

Fri 05 May, 2017
awesome news for us ! Al zohaib store in Pakistan presents a little sneak peek of its divine collection "Mahgul Luxury Lawn", hitting the stores soon.

Fri 14 Apr, 2017
shariq textile launch after anum lawn .. Sabeen Pasha Embroidered Collection 2017 by Shariq Textiles In Stores From 8th April !!!

Mon 03 Apr, 2017
I don't like anum lawn quality as compare to star and sitara sapne but as its price is little low so this is good economically...

Thu 30 Mar, 2017
anum lawn suits are definitely best option for women. Anum consider as the most economical designers with quality lawn fabrics

Mon 27 Mar, 2017
Anum is the best designer dresses in Al zohaib textile lawn fabrics, this brand can beat most of the top brands in Pakistan.

Sun 26 Mar, 2017
Al-Zohaib Anum Lawn Suits 2017 (AZA-17B)
anum lawn collections are a very reasonable lawn variety when it comes to price and colors. I was influenced particularly by its very strong palette of colors that was supremely vibrant.

Sabia khan
Mon 24 Jul, 2017
Anum Classic Lawn Collection 2017 (AZA-8C)
anum’s lawn collection here was so amazing. It truly gave me a feeling that my money was not being thrown anywhere but instead it was being spent on a relatively worth it dress. Up till now I am quite satisfied with it.

Thu 13 Jul, 2017
Al-Zohaib Anum Lawn Suits 2017 (AZA-17B)
I have long been a loyal customer of anum’s lawn collection. Even though it essentially was my favorite brand and even if it was priced higher I would buy it; the quality really has to become higher than what it is now even if it means a higher price.

Wed 05 Jul, 2017

Celebrate the new summer season with the famous lawn brand “Al Zohaib Textile”; latest collection of Anum Lawn 2017, Mahnoor Lawn Collection 2017, Monsoon Lawn, Printed, Zanisha Embroidered Collection 2017 for sale price. If you are seeking for the latest collection of Al Zohaib Lawn in Pakistan, then it is recommended to have a look at our catalog include a wide range of colors, designs, printed designs in high-class quality of fabric.

New Arrival in 2017: Al Zohaib Lawn Collections

In summer we saw the awesome collections by AL Zohaib Textile:

- Al-Zohaib Anum Lawn Collection 2017

- Al-Zohaib Mahnoor Lawn Collection 2017

- Al-Zohaib Monsoon Lawn Collection 2017

- Al-Zohaib Printed Collection

- Al-Zohaib Zanisha Embroidered Collection 2017

They announced the newest collection on their official Facebook page; New Anum Lawn Collection will be OUTSTANDING!

The newest collection of Alzohaib Lawn coming this summer includes 3PCs printed lawns suits together with elegant and attractive color scheme specially used bright colors which are perfect for summer. New Anum Lawn 2017 3C PC Printed Lawn launch in Pakistani stores from 15th February 2017; suits paired with contesting dupatta prints and also used some solid colors for women love to wear dark colors. In spite of all that, the new leading brand of Lawn “Al Zohaib Textile” fulfills all your requirements because new dresses for women are designed in a simple and stylish way. Affordable in price and best to wardrobe for casual wear, buy the latest outfits of Alzohaib Pakistan; now available at!

In summer Women’s adore their clothing with lovely, beautiful lawn seats, a number of particular fabrics available in the market, so what is especially here? Anum Classic Lawn previous collection was famous among women last year; it is reasonable, cool and simple to wear.

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