Buying Guide: Choose Right Wristwatch for Your Style

When someone asks you, "Dude! What's the time?". What do you check now? Watch on your wrist? Let's be honest, nowadays nobody uses a watch to tell time anymore. Our smart phones have become our source of timekeeping. Although now a men's watch is considered a status symbol. The majority of men considers a watch like a piece of jewelry that they must wear. And we believe that a man is incomplete without a right watch on his wrist. So it is very important to choose a right watch that is perfectly suited your style and clothes. There are many stores online in Pakistan offering bigger and better selection of timepieces with wide variety.

In this article, you will find a proper guide for choosing an appropriate Watches in Pakistan . Watches have a wide range of variety depending on internal and external features. So, Let's start.

Watch Movements

Watch movements come in three different types: mechanical, automatic and quartz. Below we explain the difference between these three types.

Mechanical Watch: A mechanical watch has a movement that's motorized by a mainspring. It is a coiled wire of metal that wound manually.

Automatic Watch:Automatic Watch: These watches are much like mechanical watches. They're also motorized by a mainspring and use complicated gears to move the watch hands. But they don't require the hand-wind, also known as self-winding watches.

Quartz Watch:If you are like an average person. Probably you will like a quartz watch from these watches categories. And right now the watch on your wrist is Quartz. There're some reasons for choosing a quartz watch. These watches are amazingly accurate, durable and affordable. You will not need to change the battery every year.

Watch Complications

Basically, a wrist watch tells you the time. But now many wrist watches come with some extra features like display the date even phases of the moon. These features on wrist watch are called complications. Some other features are alarm, repeaters and power reserve indicators.

Chronograph: The chronograph time system is separate and independent, which works as a stopwatch. Most chronograph watches consist three small dials. One is the main dial of the watch, and on the side of the watch case, you'll find two more buttons. The top button is used to start/stop the chronograph and the bottom button resets it.

Important Tips, While Buying Men Watches

Price: First of all decide your price limit. If you are status conscious and you can afford the luxury watches. Then you should go for Mechanical watches, formal or designer watches, sapphire crystal watches or precious metal watches. If you belong to a middle class, you must go for automatic quartz watches, casual watches, stainless steel, leather or titanium watches. And if you can't afford these watches then you can purchase quartz, plastic crystal or smart watches as these watches are less costly.

Basic styles for Dress Watches:

  • - A rotating bezel
  • - Plain and thin case
  • - Gold material

Basic styles for Sports Watches:

  • - Water Resistant
  • - Usually large
  • - Prominent marking bezels

Best Designer Watches in Pakistan

If you are interested in buying brand watches you will find design with a world-wide reputation. These are some top Watches brands in Pakistan:

Learn some important facts about the designer watches.

Choose the Right Size: Choose the watch according to your wrist size. If you wear a larger watch, you may look like a little boy wearing his father's watch.

Water-Resistant: When you choose a water-resistant watch, it must be 100-meter deep water resistant.

Watch Life Expectancy:tainless steel will last longer than leather watch.

  • - Mechanical watches life can be infinity.
  • - The Quartz watches parts can be replaced, but can't be repaired. These watches have limited lifetime.

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