www.bonanzasatrangi.com STITCHED DRESSES COLLECTION 2023

Bonanza is a well reputed brand in the Pakistani fashion market known for its excellence in the ret wear segment. Bonanza is one of the very few brands which has utilized its 40 years of experience efficiently to provide you with value for money and innovative clothing solutions. (Online Shopping in Pakistan) The latest bonanza stitched collection is an epitome of creation and beauty. It is a trendsetting collection designed for those women who want to have their favorite ready to wear dress on the go. The bonanza stitched collection is a versatile collection based on a lengthy design language which encompasses simplistic designs as well as modern designs which all show that bonanza really knows how to deal with the modern demands of the Pakistani women. The design language of the bonanza ready to wear collection is inspired from the classic design virtues which promote a rather straight forward and simple design philosophy which is imprinted onto the fabric.

Bonanza stitched collection is based on bonanza lawn, chiffon and cambric fabric which is chosen in respect to the hot weather of Pakistan. These fabrics are extremely soft and breathable which allow you to remain cool and comfortable in these summers. The dresses in this collection include many embroidered dresses which have been dealt with extreme care and precision. Moreover organza stitching and fancy lace detailing is also a very prominent part of the design language of these bonanza stitched dresses. They are available in various different sizes out of which you can choose your favorite one. Adding on they are available in 1 piece, 2 piece and 3 piece articles which are all equally beautiful and eye catching. If you order the bonanza stitched collection 2023 online from the bonanza satrangi website you can avail various discounts as well as free shipping on these dresses. So order it today.

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