How to calculate gold price for jewelry in Pakistan?

View More Artificial Jewelry Products Here... Necklace Designs | Bangles & Bracelets Designs | Earring Designs Nowadays everything has been made even easier through the excessive use of internet. Just like that everyone wants to calculate the value of gold or gold jewelry they have to analyze the value of their possession.

For calculating the gold price in Pakistan there is no set rule but instead it is very easy as we only need two major things or information for it. The first thing needed is the rate of gold per gramfor every type of gold like 24, 22 or 18 karat gold. The second most important thing is the weight of gold which you have or you want to buy. By multiplying both of these things together you can get aware of the price of the weight of gold you have or want to buy very easily according to the most recent rates in market. However if you want to buy new gold jewelry or raw gold you will have to add the jewelers making charges and the GST on it to find the accurate price of the gold you want to buy. To help you calculate the price of your gold we cannot tell you the weight of your jewelry but instead we can tell you the current rate of gold in the market as per today, the rate for 24K gold is Rs 11334 per gram and for 22K it is Rs 10390 per gram. The weight of gold is measured in grams and tolas which are the most common and most used units in the world. We hope that our comprehensive method in helping you calculate the gold prices for jewelry will be helpful and make it easier for you to calculate the prices of gold jewelry you have.

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