Men’s Guide To Looking Decent At The Office

Your appearance shows your personality to other people. Your college life may have been formal. But dressing matters more in the working world, especially if your job includes lots of meetings with clients or co-workers. There are so many tacit rules about office dressing. If you are confused what to wear for office, we provide some suggestion for you. It is not just women who prefer looking fabulous, now men also prefer looking stylish and decent every single day.

Office Wear: Men's Fashion Guide & Tips

For business formal dressing, men should wear a suit with non optional tie and well-polished shoes with socks. Your hair should be neat and well combed. Navy two button suit is always preferred for business. This looks more comfortable, stylish and elegant. Exclusive for Men Office Shirts Online in Pakistan available now! These are designer shirts you can only worn in offices.

Professional Look

A professional dressing means a little margin to have fun dressing up. Men should stay with button down shirts and dress pants. Ties are optional and choose black and navy colors. And if you like a sweater or sports coat, then non neutral sweater is fine.

Casual Look

You have not bound to put old traditional way of dressing. Now you can add some modern touch to your clothes. For a casual look, jackets are optional and ties are unnecessary. Olive or khakis or chinos are fine for dress pants and your shirt must have a collar with a pair of brown or black loafers.

Polo Shirts for Men are widely available, these shirts contain three or two button, collar and optional pocket.

Jackets in Winter Season

If you want to look relaxed while you want to still look professional, then you should wear pairing casual suits with jackets. This dress combination can never be wrong, but it will be a different way of professional dressing.

Formal Office Shirts

Pattern Formal Shirts Online with plain casual trousers or jackets are so much trendy these days. You can try different color combinations and styles. But make sure you maintain your style and elegance.


A something simple as like denims with a white plain shirt also gives classy look. You just need to have a good sense of matching outfits. You can add a grunge touch look by wearing a denim jacket. It will look stylish and will never out of fashion.

T-Shirt & Jeans

We normally think T-shirt with jeans is not a good combination for the office look. But still there are some places where T-shirt with jeans is acceptable for office standard. Make sure your T-shirt is simple and clean and fitted but not tight and denim is dark.

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Comfortable Shoes

Now you no need to suffer in uncomfortable shoes. Now many of dress shoes have rubber soles, which is more comfortable and flexible. Choose comfortable and professional shoes for the office.

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