Part of this tedious planning is selecting a gorgeous bespoke wedding dress that you know you’ll look and more importantly feel absolutely stunning in. Here is our take on a guide to try and simplify the notoriously impossible task of planning a wedding dress.
Buy the plan, not the Dress:
You need to have a solid plan in mind before you set your foot outside for bridal couture. Keep in mind the themes of your wedding, the color code (if any) and which color and design will complement the style and level of your overall makeover. Your dress should blend in well with you and rather you carrying the dress, the dress should carry you!

All that glitters is not Gold.
Let’s be real, if a hefty price tag that you can flaunt is what you are after, a dress with brown Rupee notes as embroidery will get the job done. You are who you are and your wedding Chiffon dress 2021 should very well be a compliment to that.

Amidst the endless varieties of embroidery like Mirror work, chic Cutwork, Pearls, Gold wiring, Organza or the classic old kundon and zardozi, choose the one that can complement you as a whole and makes the dress easy to carry while simultaneously retaining timeless grace and paying homage to YOUR culture and traditional values.

Fabric Quality
Given the shifting fashion preferences and the less empathetic nature of traditional fabrics, new fabrics have been welcomed to the lime light. As of now, lighter and crisp fabrics like satin, Chiffon Collection and georgette are being preferred over traditional stiffer fabrics like Silk because an overload of embroidery is slowly being phased out.

However, choosing one should depend upon what weather the wedding is taking place in and the level of embroidery you want on it. Comfort should also be top priority because if you can’t feel good than looking good is redundant.

“SIMPLICITY IS ELEGANCE” Go for a color that is in line with modern wedding tastes and your personal wedding theme. Instead of a tacky color palette like bright red laden with Gold, try a lighter tone like Wine, Champagne Gold or even Peach which blends in with your skin tone and is commemorated with gold wash wires. This provides the minimalistic and simple look being endorsed in 2021 2022 with a bit of bling to show and is very easy to carry for several hours.

If popping colors are your thing than going with Ruby red or burgundy or even blue is a great idea for 2021. Encrusted with some pearl work and stunning organza and an idealistic ensemble of embroidery, people will be powerless to a second look.

A ghagra choli, lehnga or a classic three piece suit (trending a lot) are all some designs you can get tailored. Once again it should be in contrast with the theme and décor of your wedding. A luxurious and heavy set wedding will be better accompanied by a Lehnga or Ghagra but minimalistic wedding sets are best suited with a fancy three piece kurtis with suitable embroidered works of art.

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