Popular Winter Fabrics & Colors In Pakistan – Online Shopping Tips

W I N T E R is near to come - And there is a wide range of winter fabrics and colors, so you can easily choose the perfect fabric in winter for yourself. You need to select warm and comfortable as clothes save us from the harshness of weather and also it is a way to modify your outer look. If you use fabric and color according to fashion, your look will more classy and trendy. People judge the personality of the person by his appearance. We must utilize our capacity to choose an appropriate trendy outfits, and be sure they are well designed, well color , well stitched as well as suits on your personality. Winter Collection design and fashion fluctuate from area to area and according to the harshness of cold season.

As we all know, winter outfits are different from other seasons. Because the use of fabric in these clothes have many kinds like natural and man-made wool, silk, polyester, winter cotton etc.

A few years ago, people chose dark colors and warm stuff for the winter season, but now the trend is totally changed. People like to wear any color, but comfortable and warm fabric.

To know about different kinds of winter fabric, check the below list.

Natural & Artificial Fabric

Natural and artificial both fabrics are used in the winter season, both have a wide range of colors and material. The natural fabric includes linen, silk, wool, cotton, leather and hemp. And the artificial or man-made fabrics include nylon, polyester, spandex, polar fleece etc.

The artificial fabric is more lightweight but it is combined with wool as pure wool is very warm in winter. Even you can't wear it in indoor activities.


Cotton is very soft, lightweight stuff and best for the winter collection. In different cities of Pakistan, where weather is not extreme like Karachi, you can wear this soft stuff, but in northern areas you can't wear it.


Linen is also very soft, lightweight and best for use in winter. Now you can find embroided linen suits to make your appearance more classy.


Chiffon is very famous and all time favorite stuff in women. It has a lot of design and colors. But this stuff can be used only in the start of the winter season.


During winter, khaddar stuff is very warm as well as relaxing. Some people who have allergy problem, they can't use other heavy stuff, so they prefer to wear khaddar in the winter.

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